A Whole Body Approach

ZOOMA has always focused on empowering women through fitness, and H-E-B is passionate about healthy living. We’re thankful for a sponsor that shares our dedication to health and fitness. Our H-E-B ZOOMA Texas Girlfriends Program beginners have been training for a month now, putting in the time and effort it takes to get their body to race day. Our group stresses the importance of a whole body approach to becoming healthy. Along with running, it’s important to fuel our bodies properly. Last week we had the pleasure of touring a local H-E-B. Our group of ladies met with a H-E-B dietitian, Kylie Bentley, to learn more about the best way to fuel our bodies.


Kylie emphasized the importance of eating fresh, whole foods when possible. We talked about portion sizes and which nutrients are especially important to us as athletes. She gave us great ideas on how to refuel and recover post-run. After long runs, she suggests eating a banana wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with a thin smear of all natural peanut butter. It’s a great way to get in a combination of protein and carbs after a hard run.

We were especially excited to tour their Healthy Living section. H-E-B offers bulk spices, whole grains,nuts and dried fruits. Our ladies got to sample some goodies, including dried Turkish apricots. The fresh ground all natural peanut butter was also a hit.

We had a great time learning how to fuel our bodies as athletes, and it was exciting to see that H-E-B can be your one stop shopping place for all your fueling needs.

After our session a group of ladies did a little grocery shopping together, putting our new knowledge to good use. Next up, we’ll be taking a group yoga class.



Special thanks to H-E-B for the facility tour and informative dietitian meeting.


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