Face Behind the Race-Tricia

We are constantly inspired and moved by the women that run our races. At each start line you can find mothers and daughters, sisters and friends. Each person has a story, each one has accomplished amazing things to make it to race day. Around every race we ask for you to share your story and we highlight one on this blog. In getting to know our racers better we realized that relationship should go both ways. ZOOMA Women’s Race Series is made up entirely of women, three running mothers to be exact. So today we offer you a chance to get to know us, once face at a time. Todays “Face Behind the Race” is our “Social Media Goddess” Tricia Minnick.


Today I’m packing, no I’m not talking about my suitcase (although that’s happening too), I’m actually packing my freezer and refrigerator with meals. While I’m sure my four year old and husband won’t starve if I don’t do this, the alternative is almost as bad. In my mommy mind I imagine them staying up late, eating nothing but Twinkies and Doritos while I’m out of town or hitting up McDonalds for each meal. In reality two days of junk food won’t kill them, but I’m setting my mind at ease by preparing their meals in advance.

And as I’m packing and making way too many “don’t forget to feed your child” notes for my husband, I’m assuring my four year old that mommy WILL come back and “yes,I’ll bring you a surprise”. In juggling my four year olds needs I will probably forget to pack something and just may show up in Annapolis without a sports bra, but I won’t be looking back. As much as I love staying home with my son Dash, I also love my time being more than “mommy”. I’ll be working hard in Annapolis but it will feel like a vacation because (hopefully) I won’t be wiping anyone else’s bottom. 

Friday you will find me at packet pickup, wrangling the volunteers. We usually have amazing people come out to help so they make my job easy. This will be a long day on of work, but I bet you won’t see my smile slip once. As we’re handing out your packets and assigning your bibs I’m getting to do one of my favorite things-I get to talk to other runners. There is such an air of excitement leading up to a race,  I soak up all the inspiration I can gather. I love our racers and am blessed to have a job where I can interact with them. Throughout the day you’ll find me all over our Twitter and Facebook page giving up to date details and answering questions.

Just as I’m starting to wilt from a long day on my feet the packet pickup will close and we’ll start clean up. There will inevitably be people who have missed packet pickup or will have issues so we transport all of our materials to set up a “Runner Info” area at the start. Several trips of carrying heavy boxes later and we’ll be done. This doesn’t mean bedtime, it just means a quick trip back to my hotel room for a change of clothes. Then I’ll meet back up with Brae and Brooke for dinner (and shhh…a drink) where we’ll go over last minute details for the next morning. Eventually we’ll call it a day and head back to our hotel beds.

I’ve never been able to sleep the night before I’m going to run a race, and that carries over to the night before I work a race. Last month in Atlanta I woke myself up each hour worried I’d miss my alarm before finally getting out of bed at 4am. For anyone that’s raced before, I bet that situation sounds familiar. Hours before the sun is out and while our runners are still (hopefully) sleeping we’ll be out doing final race set up. You can usually find me working the “Runner Info” tent and circulating through the crowds,helping as needed. Again, I’ll be glued to my phone tweeting about the start. If you see me, say hi. Finally it will be time to start and Brae,Brooke and I will make a frantic dash to see our runners off. There’s nothing more inspiring than a sea of women rushing past us. 

While you’re running your race, tackling those goals, we’re working hard too. You’ll find us at the finish cheering you on. You may catch a glimpse of us handing out food. We might be the person that passes off a cup of water to you. While we’ve poured countless hours into this race, come race day it’s not about us-its about you. We’re there to do everything possible to give you an amazing race experience.

Looking forward to seeing you on race day-and just so you know, I love sweaty hugs. 🙂


Tricia with her son Dash

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