2012 ZOOMA Cape Cod Ambassadors

We are excited to introduce you to our 2012 ZOOMA Cape Cod Ambassadors. This is a select group of ladies who are influential both online and in their personal running communities. They will be helping us keep our runners informed, inspired and motivated. These ladies all have different running backgrounds, but they share a passion for empowering women through running. 

Amy Caine


 Amy Caine is a wife and stepmom living in New Hampshire. She spends nine months of the year engaging young minds as a high school English teacher and attending the varied sporting events of her stepchildren. When she’s not shaping the minds of our future leaders, walking the dog, or supervising the home base, she is running, thinking about running, or dragging someone out to run. Amy has participated in more than 25 organized races in over four states. She blogs at RunningEscapades.Blogspot.com.



Nancy Capen


Nancy Capen, or rather Fancy Nancy as her readers know her, is the real-life person behind Living the Dream. She started the blog in 2009 after the birth of her daughter as a way to keep herself accountable while she worked off the baby weight. She is a wife, mom and an ESL teacher on Cape Cod, MA. With a marathon (Boston 07), 15 half-marathons, and countless 5ks and 10ks under her belt, she has dedicated her life to fitness and being an example of health for those she loves.




Bethany Couto


Bethany Couto started running at the age of 12 to get in shape and gain strength and confidence. Her running story continued as she grew up and now at the age of 27 she has ran 27 marathons, 4 ultra marathons and countless other races. Running is so much a part of her life that when she married her best friend and running partner they had a run-themed wedding and ran both a marathon and an ultra marathon on their honey moon. She is a NIC certified American Sign Language interpreter and lives and works in Boston, MA. You can read about her and her (husband) running partner at OurLoveOnTheRun.Blogspot.com.




Felice Devine

Felice Devine, a.k.a. The Happy Runner, is an enthusiastic masters runner who encourages and inspires others to run. Through her blog, The Happy Runner, Felice has shared her passion for running with thousands of runners and non-runners alike. As a mother of two very active young boys who understands the power of a good run (or even, let’s be honest, a lousy one) to restore one’s sanity, she’s particularly fond of helping other mothers become runners. Felice encourages pregnant women to continue their running routine, just as she did with her last pregnancy when she ran until two weeks before giving birth to her second son. She started an Albany, NY area running group, Strong Running Mamas, when she was pregnant and the group has grown four-fold in less than two years.



Michelle Dixon


Michelle Dixon started running in 2010 using the Cool Running’s Couch to 5k plan. Since then she has completed 5ks, 10ks, a 10-miler and fallen in love with the half marathon distance. She blogs at RunningWithAttitude.com As mom to two boys and one lovable German Shepherd, running and working out helps to provide some much needed balance in her very busy life. She says through running she has found sanity, inspiration and strength. She’s proud to say she’s in better shape now in her forties then she was even in her thirties, she’s a runner for life!




Samantha Flickinger


 As a girl who was always naturally thin, fitness was never in Samantha Flickinger‘s vocabulary. Running was  definitely out of the picture. Until the 25 year old metabolism kicked in and suddenly she HAD to work out. In the past two years she’s completed 7 half marathons, 3 marathons, and countless 5k’s. Samantha combines her passion for fitness and helping others with her NASM Personal Training Certification. You can find out more about Samantha on her blog, RunningAndCupcakes.com. 



Lisa Johnson


Lisa Johnson has  been a personal trainer since 1997, a Pilates instructor since 1998 and a Pilates Studio owner since 1999.  She started blogging at LisaJohnsonFitness.com about four years ago as a way to counteract all the bad information that was out there. Somewhere along the way she became a “brand”. ZOOMA Cape Cod training has given her a reason to refocus on running and she is looking forward to racing the 10k.





Jessica Morrison


 Jessica Morrison is a self-described thirty-something mother runner to two young boys. She trains in Providence, Rhode Island and loves being involved in all things social media related—that is, when she is not busy chasing after the boys! Jessica loves to inspire other mothers to take up running as a way to stay fit and stay sane. In 2011, she dropped her 5K PR to 21:55 and hopes to break into the 20s by the end of the 2012 racing season. You can follow her training at 30SomethingMotherRunner.com.

Colleen Murphy

Colleen Murphy has gone from being a couch potato to ultra marathoner in 2 years after losing 120 pounds. She ran her first marathon in November of 2011 and then set her sights on an ultra marathon 50K distance and also to qualify for Boston. She accomplished both of those amazing goals this year. She is passionate about raising awareness for obesity and uses her blog TheFitBee.com to share her story. 

Kathleen Uhran

The owner of She Rocks Fitness; Kathleen Uhran is a runner, yogi, cyclist, strength trainer and healthy chef who works hard, plays hard and enjoys life to the fullest. She believes in balance, moderation and learning about what works for you and your body. She Rocks Fitnes specializes in personal training, boot camps, and on-line training.

Meaghan Wilk


Meaghan Wilk is a 32 year old with a passion for endurance sports. She was a competitive swimmer from a young age, and raced competitively until she was 18 years old. She started running in college and has since completed 10 marathons and a half Ironman. Her goals are to complete an Ironman and compete in ultra’s. She is a mother to one and is focused on providing a healthy example for her daughter. You can follow her journey at MeaghanSmiles.Blogspot.com.