Run by Women

by Amy Caine
Something magical happens at a women’s only race. Women get a chance to relax, get comfortable, and have fun. These events are becoming more and more popular because…well, we need our girl time! 
The number of women pounding the pavement has been steadily increasing because it is a convenient sport for busy women. It’s relatively inexpensive and can fit into most schedules. Even better, we can hang out with our gal pals on long runs. 
Here are 10 reasons you should try a women’s race:
1. The race swag is very girly: think wine, jewelry and women’s cut shirts you’ll actually want to wear again
2. You can still play dress up with your girl pals
3. Imagine a celebratory atmosphere with wine, massages and music
4. There’s tons of manly support from husbands, boyfriends, fathers, sons & friends carting, carrying, cheering, catering to your every need 
5. You’ll have a chance to bond with your mother, daughter, sister, best friend


6. Plenty of time to be giggly, chatty, and silly with your girls
7. Many opportunities to celebrate your accomplishment – all the attention is on the women 
8. Experience the girl power: support and competition
9. To honor the women who broke the gender barriers for us 40 years ago


10. Most importantly, there will be SHOPPING!! 

Our Cape Cod Ambassador Amy Caine is a wife and stepmom living in New Hampshire. She spends nine months of the year engaging young minds as a high school English teacher and attending the varied sporting events of her stepchildren. When she’s not shaping the minds of our future leaders, walking the dog, or supervising the home base, she is running, thinking about running, or dragging someone out to run. Amy has participated in more than 25 organized races in over four states. She blogs at