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Go Sport ID Giveaway

October 31, 2012

GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Winner is-Steph @Steph Runs On

The great thing about running is you can do it almost anywhere. Different surfaces, different routes, different times of day. There is a lot of freedom found in running. One constant however is the need to be ever vigilant about our personal safety. There are a lot of ways to stay safe while running; let someone know where you are running, don’t run with music or run with only one ear bud in, wear bright colors with reflective accents, and carry identification. 

We all know carrying an ID can be a challenge. Where do you put it? How do you carry it? And hardest for me-how can I remember to put it back in my purse when I get home?

Go Sport ID has solved those problems. They’ve created functional (and cute!) ID bands, bracelets and necklaces. Their products are made with runners in mind, so comfort is key.

They go beyond simply being a wearable ID for emergencies, they also serve as inspiration and motivation. You have the ability to have your Go Sport ID engraved with a motivational phrase or personal message to yourself to keep you encouraged and focuses.



Check them out on Facebook HERE.


GIVEAWAY: One person will win a $25 gift card to purchase their own Go Sport ID. Winner will be chosen using a random number generator and announced on 11/7. 

 To enter leave a separate comment for each of the following:

    • Visit then leave a comment here telling us which band or necklace you would pick if you won.
    • Tell us what motivational phrase you would put on your band.
    • Leave a comment telling us if you like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.
    • Share this giveaway link on your FB/Blog/Twitter for extra entries. Leave a comment letting us know where you shared.


 Odds of winning depend on number of entries. No purchase necessary to win.

114 Responses to Go Sport ID Giveaway

  1. Tracey says:

    I’d pick the Go Sport ID Glide

  2. Tracey says:

    The motivational phrase I would put on your band is “NEVER QUIT”

  3. Tracey says:

    I like your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter.

  4. Melissa says:

    I would get Go Sport ID Inspire in orange or purple

  5. Melissa says:

    I follow you on Facebook!

  6. Hi! I loved your Zooma Cape Cod Race and hope to do another Zooma race in the future, I am already a fan on Facebook and Twitter and have shared on facebook as well as twitter.

    If I won I would put this phrase on my band: “actually, I can”

    These ID bands look great, love the color choices!

  7. Melissa says:

    The quote I would put is “Sometimes you just do things”, from Scott Jurek

  8. If I won I’d choose the Go Sport ID Fleet, I really like the band on that one.

  9. The motivational phrase I’d put on my ID would be “Because I can.” There are so many who can’t run and I constantly remind myself that I’m one of the lucky who get to run, and therefore I run for those who can’t, because I can.

  10. I’ve looked at these many times, but never bit the bullet and bought one. I think it would be really great to have. I’d pick either the Fleet or the Stomp one – I can’t decide!

  11. I follow you on Twitter.

  12. I’d put Phillippians 4:13 and my contact information on my band.

  13. Rebecca Stockman says:

    I would pick the Inspire in lime green. The motivational phrase I would use is “I can do all things through Christ”. I do like your FB page and I follow you on Twitter. I have shared!

  14. Sarah says:

    I would get the Go Sport Inspire and put “Lapping Everyone on the Couch” and in pink!

  15. Maggie says:

    I would get the Go Sport Stomp ID, I am not good with anything on my wrists while running except for a watch.

  16. Maggie says:

    If I selected a bracelet style I would put “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (but for the item I want- the stomp id- I would just put my emergency info)

  17. Maggie says:

    I like your FB page and follow you on twitter

  18. Maggie says:

    Shared on FB and twitter!

  19. Darcy says:

    I’m a fan of the ID Glide in red. I would have it say “Every woman is Wonder Woman.”

    I like you on FB, which is how I found out about this.

  20. allison says:

    i would choose the impact because of the magnetic strip on it!

  21. allison says:

    On mine I would have my ID on it and then “Just get up and DO IT!”

  22. allison says:

    I like you guys on Facebook, I ran your Great Lakes race in Wisconsin and loved it!

  23. Alyssa K says:

    I would pick the Go Sport ID in Green

  24. Alyssa K says:

    My motivational phrase would be “The kids are faster than you” 😉

  25. Alyssa K says:

    I do follow you on both Facebook and Twitter

  26. Alyssa K says:

    Shared on Facebook and Tweeted 🙂

  27. Mike says:

    I’d do the ID Fleet with a simple “Believe” put on it.

  28. Manual Chheang says:

    Really,it gives me strength when am reading this quote,each day of god i wanna read this quote so as to give me courage on how to do things in life.if possoble i want to receive this quote via email.

  29. Yvonne A says:

    My motivational phrase would be “You’ve got what it takes, but it will take everything you’ve got” on a purple Inspire.

  30. Tricia Bronico says:

    The motivational quote I would put is “I went from I think I can to I just did!”

  31. Tricia Bronico says:

    I like you on facebook!

  32. Tricia Bronico says:

    If I won I would choose the inspire so that it would continue to inspire me on my journey!

  33. Beth H. says:

    I’d choose the Victory dog tags.

  34. Beth H. says:

    My motiviational saying:

    Life is like running…

    One step at a time…

    One day at a time.

  35. Beth H. says:

    I like you on Facebook…

  36. Beth H. says:

    I follow you on Twitter…

  37. Beth H. says:

    Shared on Facebook…

  38. AmyC says:

    I tweeted the giveaway!

  39. AmyC says:

    I follow you on Facebook

  40. AmyC says:

    I follow you on Twitter

  41. AmyC says:

    I would pick the purple Glide if I won.

  42. AmyC says:

    My motivational phrase: Keep running!

  43. Lauren says:

    I’d get the inspire

  44. Lauren says:

    an my phrase would be “Magic Legs” – it’s a great reminder of past accomplishements

  45. Carmen T says:

    Go sport Id glide in orange is the one I would get

  46. Carmen T says:

    I think I would put…you must do the thing you think you cannot

  47. Carmen T says:

    Like you on FB

  48. Carmen T says:

    Follow you on twitter

  49. Shana says:

    I’d get the Fleet with a simple “Believe” as well.

  50. Shana says:

    I’d choose the Fleet with “believe” as well.

  51. Shana says:

    I liked you on Facebook.

  52. Shana says:

    I shared this link on FB.

  53. Laurel C says:

    I follow you on Facebook!

  54. Laurel C says:

    I would choose the Go Sport ID in blue!

  55. Laurel C says:

    My motivational mantra is “I run to be strong”

  56. My words that I tell myself and my clients a lot: “Your mind will quit 1000x before your body will.”

  57. I can’t decide between the inspire and the glide. I’m thinking ultimately i’d go with the inspire. I also think these would be great for the kids when we go on vacations…Disneyland, cruises, the beach, etc.!

  58. I follow you on twitter!

  59. I shared it on Twitter!

  60. Amanda N says:

    I’d choose the Go Sport ID Glide

  61. Nicole says:

    If I won I would get a blue Go Sport Glide!

  62. Nicole says:

    Motivational quote: Happiness is a choice. Run. Swim. Yoga

  63. Nicole says:

    I liked it on my personal FB account and also added it to my pages favorites! (if you need to check:

  64. Nicole says:

    Oh and forgot to mention I also follow you on twitter (my handle is @mast2mar)

  65. Nicole says:

    Wrote a post on Facebook on Nov 5th citing GoSport and Zooma Women’s page:

    Tweet url:

  66. Lauren says:

    Oh, and of course I follow you on twitter 🙂

  67. Luz Torres says:

    Go Sport ID Glide for me. in Pink! 😀

  68. Luz Torres says:

    Liked you on facebook!

  69. Luz Torres says:

    Following you on twitter! @Luz_torres

  70. Luz Torres says:

    Motivational phrase “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start. Believe. Commit. Achieve.”

  71. I want the one I lost! Black band square plate!

  72. I would put “finisher” on mini am ALWAYS a finisher!

  73. I quoted your tweet about the giveaway!

  74. Anything PINK with “Because I CAN” 🙂

  75. Amanda N says:

    I like your FB page and follow you on twitter already:)

  76. Erika says:

    I like the ‘Inspire’ in purple!

  77. Erika says:

    I would put the phrase I CAN on the bracelet to motivate me!

  78. Genna says:

    You can go the distance

  79. Genna says:

    I likes your fb and twitter 🙂 that’s how I found this great giveaway

  80. Genna says:

    I tweeted this!

  81. Beth Johnson says:

    I’d get the glide
    Phrase…”run with Grace” in honor of a lost pregnancy
    I shared in twitter- wouldn’t let me hare on FB- error message…..
    Already follow on twitter & “like” on FB!

  82. Jackie E says:

    I like the Glide in purple… with Never Quit. I like your FB page!

  83. Connie Guadagno says:

    I would love an Inspire Go Sport ID that would read “Run Forrest Run” – in recognition of my elderly mother who ran NYC Marathon with me in 1998 at the age of 75. Her birth surname was Forrest. She will always be my inspiration to run every day.

  84. Connie Guadagno says:

    Like and shared Facebook and Twitter ♥

  85. Katie says:

    I like the glide in yellow

  86. Kimberly Smith says:

    I’d get the Fleet in Orange with “I won’t give up” as my motivational phrase.

  87. Kimberly Smith says:

    I follow you on Facebook, as well.

  88. I went to the website and I love the black band Glide! So nice.

  89. Elaine says:

    My motivational quote: 70.3 FINISHER!

  90. I’d get the Go Sport ID Glide in blue!

  91. My phrase (my new favorite!): “Train insane or look the same!”.

  92. Elaine says:

    I liked your Facebook page.

  93. Elaine says:

    I follow on Twitter. @trigirlruns42k

  94. Emily says:

    I like the ‘Inspire’ in blue.

  95. Emily says:

    I like you on Facebook.

  96. Emily says:

    Motivational phrase: “Don’t think, just go.” I love me some mother runners.

  97. Emily says:

    Shared giveaway on Facebook.

  98. Heidi says:

    following on facebook

  99. Heidi says:

    following on twitter

  100. Heidi says:

    Go Sport ID Fleet medium yellow

  101. Heidi says:

    I run to be free

  102. Heidi says:

    shared on twitter

  103. Heidi says:

    shared on facebook

  104. Scott says:

    Black Sport ID Fleet

  105. Scott says:

    Motivational phrase, “…then I ran some more.”

  106. Scott says:

    Shared on Twitter

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