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Run To Texas Giveaway

October 3, 2012

With Texas wildflowers and even a longhorn or two cheering you along for 3.1 or 13.1 miles, you won’t want to miss our scenic Texas race. So break out your running shoes, dust off your cowboy boots, grab a girlfriend and run to Texas.

ZOOMA Texas registration is open and we’re giving you and your BRF (best running friend) a chance to win two race entries as well as two massages from Spa Django compliments of our gorgeous host the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines.



Giveaway: Two Texas race entries and two massages from Spa Django. Winner will be selected by random number generator. Odds of winning depend on number of entries. No purchase necessary to win. Winner announced and notified via email on 10/10/12.

To enter:

  • REQUIRED: Let those creative juices flow, we want to hear about your best running friend, running mentor or inspiration. Compose a haiku in her honor and post it in the comment section. As a reminder: a haiku consists of three lines with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line and five in the final line. Example:
                                     My best cheerleader
                                     We like the same GU flavor
                                     She runs by my side
  • Bonus entries: Share the above “Run to ZOOMA Texas” video on your blog and/or FB page. Leave a separate comment here when you share it. 

276 Responses to Run To Texas Giveaway

  1. debra says:

    She just loves to run
    In her size eleven shoes
    with a stuffed puppy

  2. debra says:

    and I shared the video on my blog. Cool.

  3. SarahRuth says:

    We dream big on runs
    My sister is my hero
    She inspires me daily

  4. Susie Tse says:

    She always beats me
    But it’s cool cuz I love her
    She keeps me running

  5. Susie Tse says:

    Just shared video on my FB page – “Zooma puts on awesome races! Hoping I win :)”

  6. Abby says:

    She says “Finish Strong”
    My Lizzy is the sweetest
    Fast is all she knows

  7. Melinda K says:

    My haiku is about my mother, not a runner, but has been an example of an active lifestyle all her life through walking, hiking, and water aerobics. She hiked Half Dome in Yosemite for her 50th birthday. She is always supportive of me!

    Always up at dawn
    My best running cheerleader
    My mother and friend

    Hope I win! I’m planning on entering anyway and the spa treatments would be great!

  8. BethG says:

    sad dog eyes pleading
    just a short lap ’round the hood
    my most faithful friend

  9. tc says:

    Runs faster than me
    Couldn’t do it without her
    happy and healthy

  10. Abby says:

    Shared video on my FB page. Love that song!

  11. LB says:

    he served our country
    now home, helps others get fit
    team red, white, and blue

  12. Melinda K says:

    And I posted on facebook

  13. LB says:

    shared the video on facebook! what a great giveaway. looking forward to representing team RWB.

  14. My daughter is my biggest running inspiration!
    My haiku to her:

    Snug in her stroller
    As we travel our trails
    Yelling, Go Mommy!

    (Note to LB above, I run for Team RWB too! Would love to link up!)

  15. AnnaGrace Strange says:

    First running buddy
    Forever the best of friends
    We’ll run forever.

  16. Virginia says:

    She runs for wine nights
    Could not keep going without her
    Best time of my day

  17. AnnaGrace Strange says:

    I shared the video on Facebook! Hurray!

  18. Lisa Jones says:

    Blonde to my brunette
    Our form is identical
    Forever Best Friends

  19. Nicole Marquez says:

    Dog in Tow We Go
    Running While Sliders Tail Goes
    Fun Run Dog Won

  20. Nicole Marquez says:

    Run run Run just shared via Facebook!

  21. Brandie says:

    My little buddies
    Always up for a long run
    Cheering the whole way

  22. Summer says:

    Four years from today
    The first girl I met at track
    Always by my side

  23. Summer says:

    FB post? Check!

  24. Amanda says:

    With friends by my side
    We run the 13.1
    It makes the miles fly

  25. Dana says:

    Friends for 30 years
    She’s always the faster one
    She makes running fun

  26. Marie Rodriguez says:

    She is fast and smart
    We run no matter what comes
    Just one more mile

  27. Heidi says:

    Taller than I am
    Sometimes as fast as I am
    Always by my side

  28. Heidi says:

    Shared video on FB

  29. Katelyn says:

    She runs by my side
    Even though I am slower
    She never leaves me

  30. MaryW says:

    My inspiration is not a she but a he- my 82 year old dad who still competes in 5ks.

    Faster and stronger
    Older than me as well
    My dad is the best

  31. Terri says:

    Kick Ass Attitude
    I love her infectious smile
    She is “Iron Woman”

  32. Terri says:

    I also shared the video on my FB page

  33. Heidi says:

    Shared on facebook. Still working on my poem! What a way to spend my 40th birthday. Can’t wait!

  34. Heidi says:

    No matter the pace
    Supportive to the finish
    My “running wife” rules!

  35. Laura says:

    Steady, talkative, fun
    She makes me believe in me
    I’m inspired by her.

  36. Nicole says:

    Damn I Sure Run Fast
    Boyfriend Hops On Rasta Bike
    Hope He Can Keep Up

  37. Christy J says:

    Even far away
    My sole sister inspires me
    Miles draw us closer

  38. Christy J says:

    I also shared on FB.

  39. met on mile 1
    together through 26
    start-to-finish friends

  40. Carrie P says:

    Wonderful mother
    Fifty-two and still running
    My inspiration

  41. Rebecca says:

    My BRF is
    A BQ mother runner
    Start and end as friends

  42. Kristin Haynes says:

    I’m fat she’s skinny
    But always encouraging
    There to cheer me on

  43. Miles separate us
    Email, running close the distance
    Our hearts never apart

  44. Rain says:

    Two different people
    Running Together
    Building a Lifelong Friendship

  45. Debbie Kagle says:

    She maybe younger
    Living miles away from me
    Sis runs with my mind

  46. Debbie Kagle says:

    I shared the video on my facebook page

  47. Carrie says:

    We live far apart
    But encourage each other
    And meet to run halfs

  48. Stacey says:

    Always by my side
    She’s my running wife for life
    Together we RUN

  49. Stacey says:

    Sharing on FB now!

  50. College roommates first
    Only to find that we might
    Be separated at birth!

  51. Abbie says:

    Girl talk is worth it
    We talk about food and boys
    Healthy dates are fun!

  52. Kristin says:

    She runs with beauty
    She is the greatest cheer girl
    My mom is the best

  53. Melissa says:

    Runs with a huge smile
    For marathons and milkshakes
    My running fairy

  54. Rebecca says:

    Best Motivator
    Suggests too many races
    “Sign up for Zooma!”

  55. christa says:

    my sister-in-law
    we run these roads together
    best race already!

  56. sophie says:

    you, me, ladies’ night
    only seven toenails each
    half price pedicures?

  57. Christy says:

    She loves to run fast.
    Austin is where she resides.
    I want to run with her.

  58. Katie says:

    she waited while i
    was in the porta potties
    after our first half <3

  59. Elish says:

    The feel of runners high
    Closing a gap, many miles
    Apart but in sync

  60. Victoria S says:

    Sisters in the bond
    Rivals on the football field
    But we run as one

  61. shared on facebook as well

  62. Shoes Hitting The Pavement
    Laughing As We Crush Each Mile
    Sole Sisters

  63. TL says:

    Without an effort
    Feet sore sympathetically
    To my beating heart

  64. Michelle says:

    My two blue eyed girls
    They want to be like mommy
    two reasons I run

  65. Michelle says:

    I shared the video on my facebook

  66. Darcey says:

    She taught me on trails
    That real beauty comes through strength
    She is my mother

  67. Aleks says:

    She looks amazing
    in race photos, it’s a gift.
    Miss our runs so much!

  68. Naomi says:

    My sister and I are survivors of a very abusive childhood. We’ve made it out and now have families of our own. Running is a strong bond between us – it helps us purge our memories and subsequent stress and reminds us that we OWN our bodies and that we are FREE. We lived the same life – and we run to heal, be strong, and to feel life and that life is GOOD…

    Black childhood stains us
    Sisters held strong together
    To Live, Love and Run

  69. Danielle says:

    She is my mentor
    Would love to run alongside
    Can I even keep up?

  70. Jennifer says:

    She lost eighty pounds
    While we were running around
    My determined friend

  71. Stefany says:

    Boston Terrier
    Scrappy loves to run with me
    Ball of energy!

  72. We spent years apart
    Now together once again
    Our journey begins

  73. Jennifer says:

    Racing side by side
    Little red on her scooter
    The miles fly by

  74. Shared on Candypolooza Facebook page.

  75. Apart in miles
    Close in heart
    Running into each other in April- hopefully

  76. Kori Estrada says:

    Running is Our Thing
    We Run For The Same Reason
    Together We Win

  77. Lily says:

    She inspires me so
    There is no better partner
    Kudos for Michelle

  78. Courtney says:

    My little runner
    Hops in jogger for a ride
    Run faster Mommy!

  79. Shea says:

    She is my sister
    We run fast and we run slow
    We run full of love

  80. Shea says:

    I shared on FB! Looks like a great time. Want to go

  81. Leah Clark says:

    She is sister first
    My best running friend second
    I am so bless-ed.

    Fun stuff!

  82. Leah Clark says:

    Shared the video on FB

  83. Michelle says:

    Cooler than a Cucumber
    An amazing friend to all
    Love her positive energy daily.

  84. Kristin says:

    shared on Facebook

  85. Shared on my Facebook page!!

  86. My Sister Arlene
    She runs fast and I run Slow
    Zooma here we come!

  87. Emily H. says:

    I run like Badger
    A D runs like Antelope
    But she never laughs

  88. Emily H. says:

    I share the video on facebook!

  89. Tara D says:

    Mud, dirt and pavement
    She runs by my side always
    Sisters by sneakers

  90. Stephani Mrzena says:

    You keep my shoes tied
    No matter how I’m feeling
    Girl time completes me

  91. Tara D says:

    I shared on FB!

  92. hannah d. says:

    oh my sole sister
    so glad god let me meet you
    let us run this race

  93. hannah d. says:

    shared on facebook

  94. Stephani says:

    Shared on Facebook

  95. Maria P says:

    Sharon there she goes
    She’s seventy four this year
    She just ran by me!

  96. Maria P says:

    Shared on Facebook

  97. Rain says:

    posted on facebook also

  98. Sonya Vasquez says:

    Chocalate Cupcakes
    Taste so good. I’ll run all day.
    To have one of you

  99. Supermom26.2 says:

    Bumping heads, we run
    Can I get new running clothes?
    Thanks Mom, I PR’d.

  100. Sonya V. says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  101. Kate says:

    Future mom-in-law
    Always an inspiration
    Bakes cookies for me

  102. Kate says:

    Also, I shared on facebook!

  103. Christine says:

    Doesn’t like to run
    She begs to ride bikes instead
    Hope she’ll change her mind

  104. Victoria says:

    Noreen my friend from
    Stroller to road race partner
    Ever inspiring

  105. Krista Nolen says:

    Friends since middle school
    Now live in different states
    Always in my heart

  106. Wynn says:

    Come on Sis let’s run
    Fun doin’ 13.1
    Fast or slow let’s go!

  107. Krista Nolen says:

    Shared on facebook! 🙂

  108. Heather Schaffner says:

    Twin sister Heidi
    We run in different states
    together in spirit

  109. Heather Schaffner says:

    shared on facebook 🙂

  110. RayRay says:

    Whinning to wake me
    She gets me out and running
    Wet nose, ears flopping.

    My beautiful Great Dane loves to go running(well she trots gracefully while I run not so gracefully) with me!

  111. RayRay says:

    shared the video!

  112. Jeanne S. says:

    Running for ten years
    Sweaty smiles, ponytails
    Panting dog at heels

  113. My soul twin sister,
    Half way across the country
    Half-marathon love.

  114. Since I have issues with counting, here is my revised haiku!

    Snug in her stroller
    As we are running our trails
    Yelling, Go Mommy!

  115. Janna says:

    Dusty is the best
    She kicks my rear into gear
    She is on my side

  116. skouba says:

    she likes the treadmill,
    but I like to run outside-
    we have the same shoes!

  117. Janna says:

    Shared on facebook 🙂

  118. Christina Escobar says:

    Shared on FB! =)

  119. Megan Burgess says:

    An awesome support
    A mentor with work and play
    How lucky am I

  120. Shelly Mack says:

    Running hot and cold
    We three are a happy group
    Beer / Coffee reward

  121. Shelly Mack says:

    shared on FB 🙂

  122. Beth Burnside says:

    We run with the moon
    Ode to Chiyo for haiku
    With each new full moon

  123. Dusty says:

    Janna we’re apart
    Separate we travel here
    Spirits now as one

  124. Kathy Greer says:

    Running allows me
    More chocolate and wine
    And lots of “me” time

  125. Blair says:

    Annapolis was
    A great first race together
    Let’s do it again

  126. Gina Alvarez says:

    Kim inspires me
    Believes in me more than me
    Helps me go for it

  127. Kathy Greer says:

    Shared on FB.

    Also realized I missed the topic of the haiku – trying again

    Long runs and short runs
    Rain, shine, heat, cold, trails or road
    Friends make time run fast

  128. Leslie H says:

    Cousin in Vermont
    Recently started running
    Girls’ weekend a must!

  129. Sulean Carruters says:

    Mom of four and wife
    Supports runners new and old
    Inspires many

  130. Leslie H says:

    Shared on Facebook (love the video)!

  131. Jane McDonnel says:

    We run to have fun
    We run so we can drink wine
    We were born to run

  132. Sulean Carruters says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  133. My crazy girlfriend
    Who is always there for me
    Laughing with me too

  134. Kim says:

    My coach Carmen T
    Brings out the best in her team
    Runners old and young

  135. Jessica Lempke says:

    She is my sister
    I look up to her
    With her by my side i can do anything!

  136. kilax says:

    Gina stands my smell
    We’ll run any race we can
    Let’s smell together!

  137. kilax says:

    I shared this video on my facebook page on Wednesday 🙂

  138. Jessica Lempke says:

    She is my sister!
    I rely on her strong will!
    She is my hero!

  139. KP says:

    She helps me run fast
    She is my best protection
    Luna is my dog

  140. ErinDay Loyd says:

    A graceful filly
    Running strong and so silly
    My little Lily

  141. Chantal Blanchard DeMattia says:

    Kristen is my friend
    Kristen is my running friend
    My best running friend

  142. Chantal Blanchard DeMattia says:

    Posted on FB

  143. Summer says:

    Wait, I can’t keep up
    At least that is what I think
    But she knows I can

  144. Trish says:

    She is a rock star
    Strong in spirit and in mind
    Kind to all as well

  145. Trish says:

    Shared the link as well!

  146. Alexisse says:

    My inspiration.
    Sassy Sam ice cream maker.
    Inspires by doing.

  147. Miriam Gritis says:

    I convinced my friend
    To try out running. She did,
    and now is happy.

  148. Megan says:

    Sorority sister
    Running cheerleader also
    Tina & Megan! <3

  149. Alexisse says:

    Shared on twitter

  150. Tricia says:

    Jen is my sweet friend
    She will run with me always
    And lend a kind ear

  151. Victoria says:

    Conquered her demons
    Julia is our hero
    Stay healthy today

  152. Victoria says:

    Shared the video on FB.

  153. A great friend I know
    She’s always ready to go
    Loves me though I’m slow

  154. Julie says:

    Mya is the best
    Great runner and BFF
    Would love to run this!

  155. LaNeta says:

    Kiwi runs with me
    My daughter is my partner
    Makes the run way fun

  156. Daly says:

    Dolly inspires me
    Babe on way, perhaps we’ll play
    With birthdays in Texas

  157. Laura C. says:

    Laurie always smiles
    As we power through the miles
    Becoming fast friends.

  158. Angela says:

    My best running pal
    is my 8 year old daughter.
    We laugh together.

  159. Holly M. says:

    Run friend an old dude
    Our runs start from the mailbox
    Let the race begin

  160. Dolly says:

    Daly makes me smile
    She’s such a thoughtful lady
    Hope to see her soon

  161. Angie says:

    We run sole to sole
    Sometimes fast sometimes slow
    We run and let the good times roll

  162. Katharine says:

    Cannot choose between
    my two best running buds so
    can I bring both, please?

  163. Janice says:

    Steph is my daughter
    She is my inspiration
    Together we run!

  164. Amy says:

    Me and Wendy Lou
    Been through a tough time or two
    Keep going, laughing

  165. Nancy says:

    Sisters are running
    Uphill and down, long or short
    Never stop the cheers

  166. Nancy says:

    shared on FB too!

  167. Robyn Oliver says:

    Fun, laughter, travels.
    Disney brought us together.
    Thankful for my friend!

  168. meaghan kuczarski says:

    She keeps me going
    For many many miles
    Our bond is special

  169. Hilary Blackwell says:

    A mile is a mile
    Be it fast or be it slow
    Conquering her doubts

  170. tiffany says:

    keeps me company
    the miles go by in a flash
    left, right, together

  171. Hilary Blackwell says:

    Shared it on Facebook too!

  172. Jenny says:

    Running is our game
    Slow we go so we can chat
    Karen is her name

  173. Megan Burgess says:

    Shared on FB too!!!

  174. Melanie Fry says:

    Leah keeps me sane
    She pulls me along with her
    Makes me go faster

  175. Sherri Jernigan says:

    Run ,teach ,have babies
    We’ve done it all together
    She’s my Heart and “sole”!

  176. Sherri Jernigan says:

    Shared your page and video!!

  177. Cindy Norton Peed says:

    Shared on my Facebook!

  178. Lisa says:

    Sarah will get me
    Ready for Zooma, whether
    The sun shines or not!

  179. Barb Novitske says:

    Met in the Navy
    Even though 20 years have gone by
    Running keeps us close

  180. Barb Novitske says:

    Shared on FB

  181. Carla says:

    Raquel is my pal
    ZOOMAed with me last year, too
    Can’t wait to repeat

  182. Carla says:

    Shared video on FB!

  183. Heather says:

    Twenty year friendship
    Countless runs under our belts
    A girls trip would ROCK

  184. Deidre Skrudland says:

    Best friends since our birth
    Whatever life brings our way
    We run together

  185. Camellia says:

    She set my ’12 goal
    13.1 in Texas
    What will ’13 bring?

  186. Jenn says:

    Kristin is a gem
    We run for our little ones
    And so we can bake!

  187. Stephanie says:

    Together we run
    Together we laugh and play
    Mom and me are one

  188. Jody says:

    My Best Running Friend
    Makes long runs short with laughter
    She makes running fun!

  189. Beth M. says:

    We running sisters
    Three thousand miles apart now
    Still race together

  190. Beth M. says:


  191. Rebecca says:

    Step by step she ran
    Lifted my spirits; shared strength
    Talked the miles away

  192. Jody says:

    Shared on FB!!

  193. Katie Vitale says:

    Wets the dirt with sweat
    Shoes collecting grit and sand
    Volcano season

  194. Natsha says:

    Strength and fortitude
    We compliment each other
    Forever Best Friends

  195. Amy says:

    My “sole-sister” Tere
    Lives far so we run rarely
    Why we need this- VERY!!!

  196. Alma says:

    Courageous Esme
    With Four Children Runs With me
    Five Ten miles and Half

  197. Alma says:

    I shared it!!:)

  198. Katie Vitale says:

    Now shared on Facebook
    Texas run inspiration
    ZOOMA for all y’all

  199. Gwen says:

    Imprint of our feet
    Breath, laughter, anger suspend
    With you…catharsis

  200. Lali Carr says:

    Matt Carr yells, “RUN, MA!”
    I can’t cook to save our lives!
    He STILL married me!

  201. Lali Carr says:

    Shared on fb!

  202. Michelle says:

    Dawn taught me to run!
    By my side showed me Austin
    Gave me strength and hope

  203. Joanne says:

    Dean Karnazes rocks
    He runs one hundred miles plus
    He signed my book once

  204. Joanne says:

    Shared on FB too! =:)

  205. Lali Carr says:

    Posted on google+

  206. Sloan says:

    Silent supporter
    Always returns to my side
    Still endures with me

  207. melissa says:

    Annie is a Mom
    Of 6 crazy active kids
    And needs a Zooma!

  208. Kayla says:

    Sunshine, rain, sleet, snow
    Running streets of Nixa, MO
    Megan by my side

  209. Kayla says:

    Sunshine, rain, sleet, snow
    Running streets of Nixa MO
    Megan by my side

  210. G. Soule says:

    Sister is my rock
    Best fan best friend always there
    We will run Zooma!

  211. Lauren says:

    Learning to walk
    My Mom encouraged and waited
    Now we run as one

  212. Lauren says:

    Learning to walk
    Mom encouraged and waited
    Now we run as one

    -sorry, take out the “My” in the above post 🙂

  213. Stazie says:

    Jenny did it first.
    A half in downtown K.C.
    She rocks my world. Done.

  214. Steph says:

    Like peas in a pod,
    Nothing separates us two.
    Longhorns from Houston!

  215. Sheila M. says:

    Sigrid is her name.
    Next month is her Ironman!!
    She is my Rock Star!!!

  216. Kim Browne says:

    Jodi is way cool
    She runs with me like a fool
    Zooma was our first!

  217. Sheila M. says:

    Shared on my fb page!! 🙂

  218. Maureen says:

    the slower we go
    the more that we chat, building
    a deeper friendship

  219. Sarah says:

    Ragnar paved the way
    Running pregnant sealed the deal
    Smiles for miles

  220. Amy says:

    The most genuine friend
    She is the most fit one too
    Run Zooma us two!

  221. Jacqueline Klein says:

    Bibs on, laces tied
    Pushing for a new PR
    We run like mothers

    For my friend, Vanessa, who coordinates San Antonio Moms RUN This Town!

  222. Paula Bower says:

    Begged my friend to race
    We will see new and cool places
    And push to be better

  223. My sister’s the one
    Who taught me couch to 5 K
    Great accomplishment!

  224. Positive friendship
    Two runners world’s colliding
    Healthy spur love

  225. Mary Alice Lucas says:

    I’m a lucky girl
    Growing up with Mom running
    She taught me to shine!

  226. Sylvia says:

    Best friends since 6th grade
    Always running side by side
    Together we can!

  227. Mary Alice Lucas says:

    Shared on my Facebook page!

  228. Jessi says:

    We’ve “run” through so much
    Adversity and challenge
    Our friendship endures

  229. Jessi says:

    shared on my Facebook page!

  230. Sarita Esqueda says:

    Running is “me time
    Moms who run and get away
    She inspires me

  231. Adriane Sparks says:

    “Want to run?” she asks
    5K to a marathon
    She pushes me far.

  232. Adriane Sparks says:

    Shared on my Facebook!

  233. Melissa Holder says:

    2 years running
    Occasional injuries
    Friends running strong!

  234. CC says:

    12 hundred foot climb
    Up and down five crazy miles
    Running before church

  235. Stacey says:

    Shall we run today?
    Or, feel guilty and lazy?
    Indulgence trumps guilt!

  236. Stacey says:

    Shared on Facebook 🙂

  237. Friend inspired me
    My turn to inspire others
    This race is the one!

  238. Jane E Woodward says:

    Says my biggest fan
    Way to go, Mom! Yes you can.
    My girl Lori Ann

  239. Kim Burke says:

    Just the two of us
    No words are necessary
    Let the race begin.

  240. Melinda Henne says:

    Sarah and Jess rock!!
    They make me train every day
    What encouragement!!!

  241. Melinda Henne says:

    Shared on Facebook

  242. Melinda Henne says:

    Sarah and Jess Rock!
    They make me train every day
    What encouragement!!!

  243. Daly says:

    Shared on my friend’s Facebook page! Hoping to participate this coming year for my birthday.

  244. Cheryl Pfennig says:

    Nora is gorgeous,
    hilarious, very smart,
    yet runs with scissors

  245. Cheryl Pfennig says:

    Shared on facebook!

  246. Andrea Gentis says:

    Angie, running bud,
    She gets me moving when I
    Feel like sleeping in!

  247. Angela Haist says:

    My girl, Andrea
    My sole sister to the end
    Runs with a smile

  248. Angela Haist says:

    Shared on Facebook, too!!

  249. Ellen McKenna says:

    She sprained her ankle,
    I broke my little pinky.
    Better by springtime!

    (Both running injuries within a week of each other!)

  250. Jennifer Privitera says:

    Daughter Violet
    We stay healthy together
    My inspiration

  251. Amy Wainright says:

    Bo is my best friend
    Although we live far apart
    She motivates me

  252. Charlene says:

    They call us turtles
    Slow and steady is the pace
    So many fun miles

  253. Twenty years apart
    Running together all year
    Eating Waffle House

  254. audrey adams says:

    We run all the time.
    He taught me and runs with me.
    Daughter like daddy.

  255. Lisa Marik says:

    She is amazing
    Our bond thicker than blood
    Faster than ever

  256. Heather says:

    My workout buddy
    We run to eat yummy food
    And we still look hot!

  257. Heather says:

    Shared on facebook!

  258. Elizabeth Preston says:

    I was very sad
    My BFF divorced me
    Bev ran by my side.

  259. Wendy Flynn says:

    I shared this on my facebook page ….

    Working on my Haiku – that’s hard!

  260. Wendy Flynn says:

    We’ve been friends for years
    Exploring roads together
    I can’t stop running

  261. Rachel Skeie says:

    Makes me aim higher.
    Celebrates my beast-like planks.
    Just runs beside me.

  262. Melissa blain says:

    We wear Nike hats
    We both have anxiety
    We love to laugh

  263. Tosha Sosa says:

    Share the same passion
    Inspires me to get strong
    We say bring it on!

  264. Susan D says:

    Always inspired
    by my best running buddy
    she is such a stud!

  265. Susan D says:

    I also shared the video on my blog’s facebook page!

  266. Elizabeth Preston says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  267. Maria Duran says:

    She taught me to jog
    How to stretch right and have fun
    And booked Zooma run

  268. Maria Duran says:

    Posted the video on my FB…I can’t wait for ZOOMA Texas 2013!!!!!

  269. Janna Cluskey says:

    My friend and sister
    our runs are my therapy
    for body and soul

  270. Katie Vitale says:

    Who won?

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