Welcome to ZOOMA Florida race week!

Its race week for ZOOMA Florida! Here are a few tips that ambassador Mary Baum uses to keep herself on track the week of the race.

A quick shakeout run

No matter what the distance, I have to go for a shakeout run the day before the race. Mentally and physically, I need to get out and clear my head, and get myself ready to run.


Study the course map 

I always like to look at the course map, although it makes absolutely no difference. It’s not as if I need to know where I am going  – I’ll just follow the people in front of me regardless. Even so, I like to know where the course takes me – where to expect water, gels, etc. 

Pack clothes you have ran in before

Do not wear anything new on race day. Even though you really want to wear that cute new top, or that awesome pair of shorts you got the day before at the race expo, pack it away for when you get home. You  would not want months of training to be affected by a shirt seam that is rubbing you the wrong way, just because it is your favorite color

Don’t forget the Sunblock

It is hard to think about a sunburn when you start running in darkness, but it is a real concern. When you are out on hot pavement for hours on end, you don’t want your biggest post race concern to be a sweet racerback tan you got while running 13.1! Lather up with the same sunblock you use on your training runs – you wouldn’t want it running in your eyes now, would you?! 

Bring your amazing attitude
A half marathon, whether it is your first, 4th, or 50th, is going to be difficult. You are going to have to really dig down deep at times, and convince yourself that you can do it (and really do it well). Do not walk to the starting line with any doubts – trust your training, and know that your hard work will carry you to get the finish line.

Remember your shoes

Make sure that you have your favorite pair of shoes with you on race day. You don’t want to have to worry about buying a new pair at the expo! They may or may not have your right shoe and size, which could be a recipe for race day disaster!

Don’t eat anything out of the ordinary 
Your body is unique, so you know it best. What may works for a friend, may not work for you, and vice versa. The few days leading up to the race, be sure to eat what you usually do. Increase your water intake and eat well. You will need the fuel for the race!



Mary Baum is a runner and healthy living blogger over at Food and Fun on the Run. She is a marathoner (x7), dog lover, and Florida native that likes to be having fun outdoors than sitting inside any day! Her love for running and fitness fuels her life every day and believes if she can influence just one person by spreading her love for the sport, then all of the hard work is worth it. Her mantra is simple: “Attitude is Everything”, as she believes that your outlook determines your future. She is on the pursuit of getting her personal trainer’s certification and can’t wait to share her knowledge with all of her readers!

Follow her on Twitter at @MaryBaum20 and find her on Facebook at Food and Fun on the Run Here.