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Let's cheer her on!

January 16, 2013

We have excitedly been following the progress of Michelle, our Muscle Milk Light Couch to Race Day runner. With the support of Muscle Milk Light and the mentoring from our amazing ambassadors she has gone from being nervous about running for a few minutes to excited and confident about completing this weekends ZOOMA Florida 5K.

Here is Michelle telling us about a recent confidence boosting run: 

Muscle Milk Light, ZOOMA and all of our ambassadors would like to wish Michelle an amazing race. If you see Michelle out on race day make sure to cheer her on!


What’s your best race day advice for Michelle?

2 Responses to Let's cheer her on!

  1. Cristina says:

    Great job Michelle!!! I’ll be doing the half, but my recent cold has set me back. Just remember to stay hydrated, this is just the beginning! And make sure that you have a good playlist!!

  2. Christy Faircloth says:

    Awesome! Have a blast!

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