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Successful Six

January 18, 2013

As our Muscle Milk Light Half Marathon Challenge runners are adding on the miles, they’re focused on supporting their training with good nutrition.  Athlete Shannah Peters wondered, “What’s a good after-run snack?”  The ZOOMA Texas Ambassadors responded with many great ideas, including Greek yogurt with fruit, chocolate milk, toast with peanut butter/banana, and of course Muscle Milk!  Our runners are formulating lots of questions to ask at the grocery store tour we’ll be taking next week.  An H-E-B dietitian will be guiding the ladies around the store, pointing out good choices for pre and post-run eats that will help them get the most out of their miles.  

Everyone reported a successful 6-mile long run this weekend.  Rhonda Cloos said about her run, “The first three miles were great, so great that I increased my pace a bit at that point. Not a smart move because at 3.5 miles the dreaded side stitch set in. I slowed my pace, massaged the sore area and took deep breaths and by mile 4.25 it was gone. I stayed slow and easy the rest of the way. This is the longest distance I’ve run in awhile so I’m very grateful to be part of this amazing group.”  Great job, Rhonda!  


They rocked their 6 mile run!

They rocked their 6 mile run!

Here’s Rhonda telling what she loves about the Muscle Milk Light Half Marathon Challenge, powered by H-E-B and ZOOMA.

ZOOMA-MML-HEB-HMchallenge-PRINT copy


Thanks to Muscle Milk Light and H-E-B for making this program possible.

One Response to Successful Six

  1. Jennifer F says:

    You go Rhonda, you WILL finish strong in the Zooma! Keep up the good work Muscle Milk challenge ladies!

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