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ZOOMA Nation giveaway

January 9, 2013


Are you registered for a ZOOMA race in 2013? Did you PR a ZOOMA race? Do you just really LOVE what ZOOMA stands for?

Shout to the world you’re a part of the ZOOMA Nation with this fun prize pack of a reusable ZOOMA messenger bag, a SIGG water bottle, ZOOMA running hat and lifestyle tshirt.


 *color shirt varies by size

Giveaway ends 1/16. Winner will be selected by random number generator. No purchase necessary to win.

Enter by by leaving a comment answering this:

-How are you going to challenge yourself in 2013?




142 Responses to ZOOMA Nation giveaway

  1. Sara Pearson says:

    How am I going to challenge myself in 2013?

    Well – I will be running my very first marathon! The first challenge is committing to training and then the actual race. Super stoked!

  2. Nadine says:

    Completing 13 races in 2013 including Zooma Annapolis!!!

  3. Jen B says:

    I’m going to PR at ZOOMA Austin in March!!

  4. Ali says:

    Im challenging myself in 2013 by running 13 races!

  5. Jody Wells says:

    My challenge is to recover from 3 herniated low back discs so I can continue to train for an April mud run. I’m sort of new to running and would like to do several 5Ks this year and complete them with ease.

  6. Meghan R says:

    PR a half marathon!

  7. Hillary says:

    I am going to become the most healthiest I have ever been to prepare to try and get pregnant this year! Zooma Austin will be my 10th Half Marathon!

  8. Sue Scheungrab says:

    I am hoping 2013 will be the year of my first marathon… Will be starting that season with Zooma Annapolis!!!

  9. Heidi MacInnis says:

    Zooma Austin on my 40th birthday!

  10. DisneyBride says:

    I’m challenging myself in 2013 to really push what I started in 2012. Going to run my first half marathon next month and hoping that will lead to a second and third half marathon this fall!

  11. In 2013 I am going to run my first full marathon. It will be the Philadelphia Marathon which is where I grew up. I can’t think of a better way to do it then with my family and friends cheering me on, while running through the streets I grew up in.

  12. Taconya Goar says:

    I am challenging myself in 2013 by running my very first half marathon. Running has become such a big part of my life and the added health benefits are a great bonus. I’m training for PR’s, making sure I do extra stretching and yoga for injury prevention, and will be adding more strength training to improve my all-around running performance.

  13. I got a new job at the end of last year, so I’m working to stay up on all the industry trends and ingrain myself in the new culture.

    I’m also working on a half marathon PR and keeping up with CrossFit!

  14. AmyB. says:

    I am going to compete in my very first Sprint Triathalon in July 2013! Whew! So scared and so excited!!

  15. Kelly DeFilippis says:

    In 2013 I plan to challenge myself by not being to scared to take on races and distances that I have never done before. I plan to trust my training and take on every new race and adventure with an open heart and a big big smile. I am sooo looking forward to the ZOOMA Ameila Island Half which I will be doing with some amazing girlfriends.

  16. Heather Crookston says:

    I am registered for FL Zooma next weekend, and my goal is to PR there!!

  17. Erin says:

    Looking to PR on a half marathon this year. I tackled my first (and second!) half in 2012 and now that I’ve got the distance down it’s time to work on speed. 🙂

  18. After 2 back surgeries, I’m trying to get back to running. Want to do a 5k and an indoor tri

  19. Katie says:

    Ha! After being laid up with injuries the last half of last year, the challenge this year will be to just take it one day at a time and ENJOY the run. Not plan too far ahead and not register for a ton of races. So far ZOOMA is the only one I have registered for.

  20. Emily says:

    In 2013, I’m going to challenge myself by getting back into shape after having my twin baby boys last summer!!! I’m registered for several 5k’s, the ZOOMA 10K in Annapolis, a duathlon, and have my sights set on a half marathon in the Fall!

  21. Darlene says:

    Run a half marathon in 2013 after an injury plgued 2012.

  22. Aimee Molien says:

    My challenge this year 2013 is to claim my health back and work on a second baby!

  23. Veronica says:

    Registering for the half. Looking forward to it. I love what Zooma stands for!

  24. Tricia Bronico says:

    After recently losing 30 pounds, I have set a goal for 2013 to run my first ever 10K. I am considering Zooma Annapolis 🙂 You may see me in MD!!!

  25. Laurel C says:

    I’m going to try to run as much as possible this year!!!

  26. Karen says:

    I’m running my first 10k at the Zooma race in Annapolis on June 1st!!!

  27. flamingjune1967 says:

    Well, my first big challenge is the Zooma Florida Half Marathon on the 19th. It was to have been my first 1/2, but I tripped and fell on a training run New Years Day, and broke my hand in 3 places. Now. my challenge is to participate in the Zooma somehow… be it walking the 5K or (big dream) actually being able to complete the 1/2! Only 9 days left to heal 🙂

  28. Lynne Palkovitz says:

    I’m starting with the Zooma Amelia Island 1/2 Marathon. There will be more after that.

  29. Julie Lukenbill says:

    I have challenged myself to incorporate strength training into my workouts to help me prepare for the Zooma Texas race in 2013. I am already registered!

  30. Gay Owens says:

    Ready- train
    Set- Register
    Go- Run a race in 2013….

  31. Jennifer says:

    ZOOMA Races ROCK! 2013 i plan to challenge myslef by doing a 1/2 marathon, run a 5k in 25:00 or less, and do a tri (indoor tri at my local YMCA)!

  32. Francine says:

    With the Austin Texas Zooma Race in March.

  33. Judy Q says:

    Going for a sub 2:00 Half Marathon this year – hopefully next week at ZOOMA Florida! If not, keep trying!

  34. Teresa M says:

    I’m going to run my first half marathon and work on completing my research project for grad school!

  35. Kim S. says:

    I will be trying to run through the summer this year. Heat is really difficult for me, but I want to try to get better at it! Can’t wait to Zooma in FL.

  36. Caren Ricketts-Holmes says:

    I will be completing my first half marathon!! 🙂

  37. Heidi says:

    Love Zooma and what it stands for. I am new to the Austin area so looking forward to hopefully being able to run this year.

  38. michelle weiser says:

    Running zooma texas. Also running army marathon

  39. Meghan says:

    Last year I ran my first half-marathon…this year I’m aiming to run a race (some of them halfs) each month!

  40. Traci Ricketson says:

    Sign up form more races and finally convince friends to join me!

  41. AmyC says:

    I’m going to try to run 1000 miles in 2013!

  42. Catherine Mauss says:

    Signed up for Zooma 10K in Annapolis. My first 10K! Hope it makes me confident enough to do a half marathon 2014!

  43. Erin Hynes says:

    In 2012 at the Zooma Cape Cod half I PRed by breaking 2 hours. I was beyond excited. It gave me the confidence to train for my first marathon in 2013! My Zooma run necklace is a consistent reminder of how far I have come.

  44. Cindy Mickelson says:

    I completed the Lake Geneva Zooma Half Marathon two years in a row and PR in 2012, it was my celebration of my 54 birthday 🙂

  45. Lisa Deyen says:

    I just lost 2 inches from my waist in 2 weeks. My BMI went down from 25.6 to 24.3 in 2 weeks. I am working on improving my PR for 5k races. Also, I am running a half marathon in Ireland. I am looking forward to running in my first Zooma race.

  46. Kasey says:

    This year, I’m going to run 3 full marathons and my very first ultra marathon!

  47. Tammy says:


  48. Kelly Pauley says:

    I PRed at Zooma Annapolis last year! What a great race to spend the day hanging out with girlfriends and challenging ourselves. Looking forward to racing Zooma in June…hoping to PR again!

  49. LaToya says:

    I’m going to challenge myself to get back to my pre pregnancy weight/ size. Having two babies in 20 months, I’m ready and kicking it off with ZOOMA annapolis. First of eight races of the year.

  50. Carolyn G says:

    I am going to challenge myself to exercise 4 times a week for 30 minutes

  51. Charlotte says:

    Challenging myself to get out there. Injury free.

  52. amanda says:

    Im going to run at least 6 half marathons and my first triathalon

  53. Katie says:

    I am going to be running my second marathon!

  54. Jeanette H. says:

    My challenge is to run 13 races this year and actually train & complete a full marathon in late 2013 or early 2014

  55. Joy says:

    I’m challenging myself to run 13 races in 2013, including Zooma Great Lakes!

  56. Dana Dorsey says:

    I am entering events to encourage me to stay in shape, starting with Zooma Texas1/2, looking at a dirty girl run AND the ‘gopher to badger’ 1/2 (Midwest thing about mascots)….I am also not wimping out because of the weather. Who knew I would enjoy running in the falling snow?!!

  57. Chrisy Tang says:

    Committing to sticking to my training plans and finishing my first half ironman!

  58. Carrie Ann says:

    I am going to run three half marathons in three months and try to improve my pace 🙂

  59. joanne says:

    I am goint to do at least 3 runs a month and 3 half marathons

  60. Nikki Pipes says:

    Training for and running my first half marathon. Also my weekly challenge is to work out 1-2 hours a day, 5 days a week. I can’t wait for ZOOMA Annapolis!

  61. esmeralda valarezo says:

    I Will challenge myself by running a half every month jan thru may out of town with local 10k in between then somehoe keep up my running in The HOT Houston weather to then do a half and a 10k every month August – December

  62. Ellen says:

    I love participating in your women’s focused events. It feels like a supportive community on race day and all the days leading up to race day. I’m still scarf of the rolling hills at Lost Pines.

  63. Angie says:

    I am going to run at least 4 days a week…and stay injury free!

  64. Tara says:

    Challenging myself to be the athlete I know I can be.

  65. Ellen says:


  66. Heather says:

    Taking the first few strides, no matter how tired/hungry/lazy/cold/busy I am!

  67. Melissa says:

    My challenge is to really stick with running and run 1 or 2 half marathons 🙂

  68. Kim says:

    At least one Half and faithful training partner to my friend running the Boston for Dana Farber: even the long runs!

  69. Kalyn Silas says:

    I am going to run three half marathons including ZOOMA in Austin, TX and I am running two full marathons! Bring it 2013!!

  70. Tamara Vanover says:

    I am going to do my 10th-13th half-marathons and train for my second marathon (after an 8 year hiatus).

  71. Katy says:

    Running a 10K with a time goal for the first time!

  72. kia says:

    I am going to participate in a race every month.

  73. Monica says:

    I am going to recovery from my ankle surgery; get healthy; get back in shape; do a couple Zooma halfs and finish 2013 with a fast marathon! Gotta believe!!

  74. Abby says:

    I will be running my first marathon 2 weeks after running Zooma Cape Cod!

  75. Tammy Rhodus says:

    My second marathon!!

  76. Missy says:

    Break old half time by 5 minutes and avoid injuries!!!

  77. Laura B says:

    I’m going to totally step out of my comfort zone & try a Ragnar Relay Race 9 hours away. 200 miles….12 runners in a van…oh my!

  78. MaryW says:

    Run my first half marathon in Annapolis!

  79. Gabby S says:

    My challenge for 2013 is my first half marathon.

  80. angie says:

    I am running the annapolis zooma race in June!!

  81. Lorie says:

    Running the Zooma Texas in March!

  82. Chantell says:

    Challenging myself to run 10 major races in 2013 to celebrate my 40th birthday. Starting with the Zooma Florida and ending with the Rock and Roll Savannah marathon.

  83. Amy Taylor says:

    Run 4 5K’s in 2013 and never give up trying.!! See you next weekend on Amelia Island!!

  84. Erin says:

    I will PR in a half marathon, marathon, and 5 K this year:)

  85. Megan says:

    I’m going to run a marathon.

  86. Michelle Reneau says:

    I will go the furthest I have ever gone! This sis my first year for women’s races and I hope to meet other incredible runners!

  87. charmaine says:

    I will push myself to get out there and run.

  88. Mikki Minocha says:

    I am running 4 half marathons this year including the zooma Wisconsin. Can’t wait to get racing!

  89. Delmi Villegas says:

    Signing up for my first 25k!

  90. Emily says:

    I’m challenging myself to run three half marathons this year. My first is next month!

  91. Rachel says:

    I am running 3 half-marathons, and a 15K….. that’s what scheduled so far…

  92. LaShaune says:

    I am soooo looking forward to Zooma Texas and as added bonus, it’s a BGR national race. It’s going to be an awesome weekend!

  93. I have challenged myself to do at leat one race per month for the entire year.

  94. Janette says:

    I already did, I registered to run in the ZOOMA!!!

  95. Amy Boren says:

    I’m running my first 1/2 Marathon. Been a runner all my life but per shorter distance with more pace. Now changing gears and want to run more than a 5K. Challenge my inner being and mind set.

  96. Rose McKinney says:

    I will set goals for myself, create milestones, and put everything I’ve got into reaching those goals. The only person that can stop me is me!

  97. Debbie says:

    I’m challenging myself to run the Zooma
    Texas half marathon in March!

  98. Meghan says:

    Challenging myself to train harder and get stronger. Gotta eat right. Gotta workout more. Gotta do it!

  99. Araceli Bernal says:

    Try to run a 5K monthly and training for my first 1/2 marathon.

  100. Deb says:

    I have a couple of goals! I want to run a 5k in under 25 minutes and I would like to run a half marathon this year! I am fairly new to running. . The ultimate goal is to live a healthier and happier year this year than the last no matter what it takes!

  101. Margaret Bussan says:

    I am going to do speedwork each week and complete 6 races. Love the zooms race series

  102. Natalie says:

    Running at least three 1/2 marathons, the Tough Mudder, and my first Marathon!!! Soooo excited to see what 2013 has in store for me!!!

  103. Darcy says:

    At least one race a month and 500 miles for the year.

  104. Kelly Post says:

    My challenge is to run my very first half marathon. It is something I have always wanted to do and I am going to complete my desire… Zooma Half in Annapolis here I come!

  105. Katie says:

    I will become an IRONMAN!

  106. Rebecca Baker says:

    I love the Zooma race! I did the 10k last year, this year going for the half marathon!

  107. Jennifer says:

    I am getting myself back into half marathon shape. Already signed up for one in march with 3 training races in between, the first on – a 15k – is this weekend.

  108. Emylou says:

    Going to challenge myself to kick off the year by running 2 halfs and 15k in the next 90 days…my partner is moving–so it will be long summer of running solo off and on—that will be a challenge itself!! =)

  109. Jen says:

    I’m going to do a 1/2 marathon (Cape Code Zooma!) and two sprint triathlons – my first open water tri!! NERVOUS!!

  110. Carrie W. says:

    So excited to participate in my first Zooma half – anticipating a great run, time with my besties and killer swag!!

  111. Jessica says:

    Running two full marathons … and doing them solo for the first time!

  112. Meaghan says:

    I want to PR at the 5k and half marathon distances. I also want to run my second marathon. AND the biggest challenge for me in 2013 is going to be having a baby. I have been “putting it off” for my running goals. I will never stop running, I just need to mentally prepare to back off and slow down a bit 🙂

  113. Andrea says:

    I’ve been running for a little over a year and have ran several 5Ks. 2013 will be the year I run my first 10K and 1/2 Marathon!!

  114. Riki says:

    Oh my gosh, I signed up for my first Ironman 70.3 in August! Not sure what is going to be more challenging- the training or the race. So scared and so excited at the same time. 🙂

  115. Joy says:

    I’m running my first half marathon.

  116. Jennifer Colestock says:

    I’ll be getting myself back into shape, training for Zooma Austin, and looking at a couple of other halfs here in Colorado. Next step, aside from continuing to amp up the miles, will be finding some other awesome ladies who want to run with me! 🙂

  117. Sarah says:

    I plan to run my first half marathon this year! 🙂

  118. Teah says:

    By taking time to properly introduce the passion of running to my daughter (a heart patient) who enjoys spending time on the pavement with me even though it is difficult to keep up. As runners, we often get so focused on our training that we unknowingly overlook those who actually encourage and support our goals and missions. This year, I will challenge myself to slow my pace when running with my sweetie because nothing is more sweeter than seeing a smile on my small runner-to-be face. We will complete a team 5k in May–together!

  119. Alysha Lavatori says:

    I will run my second and third 1/2 marathons and prepare for my first full!

  120. I am going to run my first half marathon!

  121. Monica Elliott says:

    Running a half marathon

  122. Ellie says:

    I challenge myself to relax more!

  123. Run Jilly Bean says:

    I’m running my first 15k, 10 miler, and half marathon. All by April 6. It’s gonna be a busy spring.

  124. Barbara Whitney says:

    Made a 2012 New Year’s resolution that before my 65th birthday, I would have ran a 5K (NEVE RAN BEFORE). During the year I completed several 5K’s, even placing 1st in my age group twice. This year I want to complete a 10-K and maybe even a half marathon!! Headed for Zooma Florida in a few days!!

  125. Pamela Rydh says:

    I am so excited to be doing my first 5k since being dx 8 yrs ago with Multiple Sclerosis! Thanks Zooma for letting me believe in in Moi again!!

  126. emily montgomery says:

    I just moved to a Texas and left my running group 1500 miles away. I am going to keep running and keep doing races on my own even though it’s so hard without their friendship and support! First race is zooma texas!!

  127. Jenn says:

    By losing 50 lbs and running my first ever 1/2 marathon!

  128. Jen Eiben says:

    I’m doing my first and second 1/2 marathons in 2013. Hopefully a few more as well! Hoping my body agrees with these ambitions!

  129. Sarah says:

    I am getting myself back into half marathon shape before my husband and I start trying to have a baby this year… I’ve got my first half marathon of the year in 6 weeks and cannot wait!!! The Zooma half marathon will be my 3rd half marathon of the year!

  130. Fatimah Sirkecioglu says:

    I am going to challenge my self this by completing my first half marathon during my 30th birthday weekend in cape cod this year. And devoting myself to making 2013 my fittest year ever!

  131. Ruth Jones says:

    I am going to run a Half Marathon PR and run in my first every Zooma race in Cape Cod.

  132. Kristi says:

    I am aiming for 3 half marathons this year. My challenge will be to get a better time each race I do!!

  133. Carley says:

    I am challenging myself in 2013 by training and running the BOSTON MARATHON in April! I have technically done the hard work by qualifying and being accepted, but I want to PR! I’m challenging myself to rise to the training plan ahead of me so that I can make my dream of PRing a reality!

  134. Michelle says:

    I am going to increase my crossfit training and I am going to make sure I schedule a run at least 3x’s a week.

  135. Emily says:

    I’m going to work on strength training, and also incorporate interval work into my running. Thanks for the giveaway!

  136. Kate says:

    By getting stronger doing crossfit and boot camp!

  137. Justine says:

    I am becoming a wife, a blogger, and finally taking my fitness to levels I had only ever DREAMED of! I have run for 13 years and enjoyed every second of it, but made the decision to kick things up a notch. New year’s eve, I broke 25 minutes in a local 5K race (24:51), and I aspire to consistently break 2 hours in the half marathons I run this year. I was named an Altra Ambassador for 2013, and I am SO very excited for what this year has in store!!!!

  138. Annette says:

    I challenge myself to do better and be better than I did last year, working on myself daily!

  139. Kelsey says:

    I challenge myself to overcome fears and obstacles and be the person that I know I am meant to be. This might be through traveling, new job opportunities, or especially racing. 2013 is going to be my year!

  140. Lily says:

    I am going to continue to focus on not comparing myself to others, just doing my best, staying healthy, happy, and having fun! Oh, and to sign up for another half if not also a marathon in the next 12 months. Wohoo! Thanks, Zooma!

  141. Jessica Rohlman says:

    I am registered for Zooma TX this year. I challenge myself my adding more races to my calendar and getting others trained for races. This year my best friend will run Zooma with me and it will be her first half marathon!

  142. MaryW says:

    I’ll be running my first half marathon in Annapolis Zooma!

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