zooma annapolis post-race recap

Over 2,400 runners crossed the finish line at the sixth annual ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon & 10K on Saturday, June 1. Full results and finisher videos are online here:

Both the ZOOMA Annapolis half marathon and 10K courses are USATF certified (#MD13009JS, MD130109JS). However, due to a miscommunication between City of Annapolis police and race staff, the course run by both the half marathon and 10K participants was approximately .25 mile short on Saturday.  At approximately mile 2.75 on the half marathon and 10K courses, runners were not directed to make the turn at Dock Street in downtown Annapolis, effectively cutting off .25 miles of the certified course. The second planned aid station on both the half marathon and 10K courses was positioned on Dock Street at approximately mile 2.75, and, as a result, participants did not meet an aid station between miles 1.5 and 4.5.

We understand that this is incredibly frustrating for runners who have trained for months toward the ZOOMA Annapolis event, and we are devastated that this miscommunication has caused so much disappointment for our participants and took away from what should have been an awesome race day experience.

Both the City of Annapolis police and ZOOMA race staff are committed to ensuring the miscommunication does not happen again, and the 2014 ZOOMA Annapolis race goes off without a hitch.

To try to make it up to the runners, ZOOMA is offering a discount to any remaining 2013 or 2014 ZOOMA event to all 2013 ZOOMA Annapolis participants.  Details will be sent directly to those participants via email.  Please direct any additional questions to



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