How to Fit Training Into a Busy Schedule

By ZOOMA Annapolis Ambassador, Cynthia Steele

Busy. It’s a word that sums up many of our lives. We’re busy with work, kids, school, volunteer commitments, family obligations – whatever it is that keeps you busy, it’s just a fact of your life. But the call of ZOOMA is too great to resist, and it’s important to fit training for into our busy schedules so that we have the best race day possible.


So how do we do it? Here are five tips to making it happen:

Get it Done Before the Day Begins

A surefire way to fit ZOOMA training into your busy schedule is to wake up early and get it done before the day begins. In my case, I have to beat my three kids in the rise-and-shine game – getting out the door for my run and back again, so that I can feed them breakfast and get ready for work. Morning running can be hard if you’re not a morning person, or you already have an early morning routine – believe me, I know! But it’s the only guaranteed way for many people to get the training in when life gets in the way as the day goes on.

Downtown Annapolis

Schedule Your Workouts

Is your life dictated by a schedule? Or maybe you’re like me and your life is dictated by many schedules – I have a work schedule, a family schedule, various kids’ activity schedules. I schedule in my running workouts into my calendar the way I’d schedule another appointment. Making it an appointment feels more official and less optional and I’m more likely to keep my date with the pavement.


Find a Group

When I started running, I thought I was too busy to train for a race, and I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I joined a training group and it took a lot of the stress and guesswork out of it. The training plan called for 10 miles? No problem, the group had a prescribed route and the water stops were predetermined. I didn’t have to think and stress about where or when to go for the long run, and the company was amazing!

Annapolis run

Get Creative

If you’re as busy as I am, you may find that you don’t have time on certain days for a pre- or post-work run. On these tough days, try to get creative with a lunch break run (remember to freshen up afterwards so you’re not stinky in your afternoon meetings!), or perhaps you can run your errands instead of drive, or even running up and down the corridors of your office building can help you fit in a run on a busy day! 

ZOOMA start:finish line

Remove the Obstacles You Can Control

Let’s face it – some things are out of your control. The weather, a sick kid, an injury – things like this are just facts of life at times. But there are some obstacles to training that you can control. When you remove those, it streamlines your running preparation process and gets you out the door quicker. Things like always having a clean set of running clothes, socks, and a sports bra sitting in a spot together, ready to be donned at a moment’s notice. Or keeping your gadgets charged and a water bottle filled. Or having a few running routes mapped out so that you can just head out the door with purpose.

At ZOOMA finish

Fitting training into a busy schedule isn’t always easy, but it can be done, and the feeling of a successful ZOOMA race will be all the more rewarding!

But above all, remember your WHY. It’s easy to get lost in the stress of your daily schedule of life and training, but visualize that ZOOMA finish line to keep you focused!

Follow Cynthia’s training adventures at You Signed Up For WHAT?! as she trains for the ZOOMA Annapolis finish line!



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