Zooma Ambassadors

On Trend and In-The-Know

Kimberly Luke


In 3 words: Ambitious, quirky, intelligent.
Happiness is: Living life to the fullest!
Favorite heroine in fiction: Lilly Potter.

Donna Carter


In 3 words: Determined, Inspirational, Easy Going.
Happiness is:Sharing my passion for fitness, especially running with others.  It is also finding as many moments as I can to be with my husband and son laughing and having fun.
Favorite heroine in fiction: Lisbeth Salander, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo because she lives by her own rules and sticks with what she believes in.

Elizabeth Carr


In 3 words: Feisty, bubbly, drive.
Happiness is: A hot cup of coffee after a long run.
Favorite heroine in fiction: Wonder Woman.

Derly Ortiz


Vania Loredo


In 3 words: Determined, spontaneous, curious.
Happiness is: Suddenly dancing to a new song that would later become part of my running playlist.
Favorite heroine in fiction: Mindy Lahiri.

Brandi Gilbert


In 3 words: Open-hearted, determined, fun-loving.
Happiness is: Happiness to me is laying down to go to sleep at night with the biggest smile on my face.
Favorite herione in fiction: Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. While trying to find her way back home she never let obstacles stand in her way.