Zooma Ambassadors

On Trend and In-The-Know

Cori Maley


In 3 words: Runner, Crossfitter, Awesome.
Happiness is: being surrounded by people who love and support you and giving the love and support right back.
Favorite heroine in fiction: Princess Leia.

Chelsea Prior


In 3 words: Determined. Spunky. Passionate.
Happiness is: being surrounded by friends whether out for a run, listening to great music or just hanging out catching up on life with a good beer in hand.
Favorite heroine in fiction:  Veronica Mars.

MaryBeth Jackson


In 3 words: loyal, independant, and fun.
Happiness is: shoes on my feet, a travel map in one hand and a glass of wine in the other!
Favorite heroine in fiction: Belle from Beauty in the Beast. She is a smart, free spirit who sees the beauty in all beasts.

Adina Crawford


In 3 words: Kind, Loving and Determined.
Happiness is: Finding contenment within myself. I enjoy the company of others but Happiness is something that comes from within. I love my fitness journey of Running, Swimming, cycling and most of all YOGA. Traveling to other states to do run events has been quite a fun experience especially if you do it with your run buddies.
Favorite heroine in fiction: Betty Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

LeAnne Sitari


In 3 words: Compassionate, Determined, Sensitive.
Happiness is: a day at the beach with amazing company (and even better food).
Favorite heroine in fiction: Storm from the XMen… I like that she can control the weather. That would come in really handy on race days.

Amira Sparks


In 3 words: Dedicated, Hardworking, and Happy
Happiness is: feeling free, being you’re true self, and living life to its fullest!
Favorite herione in fiction: Katniss because she is brave, strong, compassionate amongst many other traits.