Zooma Ambassadors

On Trend and In-The-Know

Kim Prytherch


In 3 words: Passionate, Caring, Dedicated
Happiness is: my couch after a long run, with a coloring book in hand and a movie on.
Favorite heroine in fiction: Princess Leia, she was tough, dedicated and didn’t give up!

Lauren Seserko


In 3 words: Fierce. Fast. Fabulous
Happiness is: After a long run and a hot shower, sitting down to a large cheese pizza and a cold beer with cozy socks and friends. Or sitting on a sunny beach anywhere with a cold drink in hand.
Favorite heroine in fiction: Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice because she is sassy and not afraid to be herself and speak her mind!

Shelley Merz


In 3 words: Grateful. Determined. Blessed.
Happiness is: Spending time with family and friends. Being able to run, ride my bike or practice yoga. Being present in the moment. Getting to travel and explore new places.
Favorite heroine in fiction: Jo March from Little Women

Jazmine Menees


In 3 words: Driven, Positive, and Friendly!
Happiness is: Being surrounded by those that I love (Preferably somewhere on a beach!) also, taking my passions and turning it into a career!
Favorite heroine in fiction: Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games.

Courtney Dredden Carter


In 3 words: Happy. Hungry (for food & adventures). Healthy.
Happiness is: A hammock on a beach with wine and a good book.
Favorite heroine in fiction: Anne of Green Gables – she’s smart, feisty and just a little bit irreverent.

Jenn Beasley


In 3 words: Courageous, Imaginative, Servant Heart
Happiness is: having a hot cup of coffee and my laptop to write, uninterrupted.
Favorite herione in fiction: Ramona Quinby, because she took chances to have fun and wasn’t afraid to be different.