Zooma Ambassadors

On Trend and In-The-Know

Margaret Paredes


Distance: 10K

Most excited about: I am excited to make connections with other women and to encourage them!

Fun Fact: I taught English in South Korea for two years, lived in India for 9 months, and have been to Japan, Mexico and Spain on short trips.

Tsao-Chuen Ku


Distance: 13.1

Most excited about: I have run 3 previous Zooma Texas before, including the inaugural race.

Fun Fact: I have run 50 marathons so far, including two 50 K’s.  I am a dentist, with 2 girls (13 and 10), 2 dogs and 3 cats!

Jamie MacDonald


Distance: 10K

Most excited about: The energy of female-only races is hard to replicate once you discover it. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to gather of your best running buddies for a girls trip at a beautiful resort

Fun Fact: I’m a working mama of two young boys (5 and 2 year old) as well as a pediatric occupational therapist.

Jill Dinges


Distance: 13.1

Most excited about:  I love the girl-power vibe and the smiles on everyone’s faces. The resort and landscape help make for a great getaway race, too.

Fun Fact: My newest passion is hand-lettering gifts for people.

Larisa Parsons


Running: 13.1

Most excited about: Looking forward to racing with my friends and spending girl time together in an uplifting environment.

Fun Fact: I love helping others reach their running goals whether it’s pacing, cheering, encouragement or waking up with with them at 5:00am!

Deb Olson


Running: Zooma Texas 5K (with my daughters)

Most excited about: Racing with my running buddies and daughters. I love the after party, swag and bling.

Fun Fact: I have ran over 50 half marathons and love running with my daughters.