We’re excited to introduce you to our 2014 ZOOMA Annapolis Ambassadors.  This is a select group of bloggers who are a positive influence both online and in their running communities.  They all have different running backgrounds, but they’re all passionate about inspiring and motivating other women to empower themselves through running and embrace a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle.  They will help us keep our runners informed, inspired, and motivated!

KatieHeadshotKatie Heddleston is the registered dietitian and mama of two boys behind Healthy Heddleston. Katie started running in 2010 when she had to make sure she could run one mile under 10 minutes and two miles under 22 minutes (for a job!). While the job didn’t stick, the running sure did! Five half marathons, numerous other race distances, and two pregnancies/postpartum journey’s later, Katie finds herself identifying as “a runner.” She has a goal to run 14 races in 2014 and oh yeah, that second boy of hers? He was just born in December.

Katie believes in being your own biggest cheerleader and is thrilled to participate in the ZOOMA Annapolis program for a second year. She also enjoys playing volleyball, singing, baking, and most importantly, spending time with her family.

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courtneyheadshotCourtney is a DC based gal who loves running, food, wine and Jesus and believes that the last two are not mutually exclusive! Courtney blogs about all of the above topics at Eat Pray Run DC and is currently training for her second full marathon.  Courtney was a sprinter in high school, a fact that amuses her to no end, since back then “punishment” runs were a three mile loop. Since picking up running again, she’s run numerous 5ks and 10ks, an 8k, three ten milers, four half marathons and one full marathon. She takes full advantage of both DC’s natural beauty and new restaurant boom.  She ran the ZOOMA Annapolis 10k last year and is excited to return back to Annapolis for 13.1 in May!

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SONY DSCHeidi is a professional marketer and writer, volunteer coach and runner. After a collegiate hiatus from her high school running days, Heidi dusted off her sneaker when she signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon in 2007 for relief from cubicle instigated claustrophobia. Amid her training on the streets of DC and later Annapolis, she began the blog Life in Pink as a way to chronicle her quest for balance and a healthy lifestyle. Now, her journey to a happy and healthy lifestyle has the challenges of parenting. When she’s not training, you can find her volunteering with Junior League, coaching for Girls on the Run or enjoying the simple pleasures of life with her husband and son around Annapolis.

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meganheadshotMegan is a Washington DC transplant who picked up running after realizing the weather was far tamer a bit farther south. She started A Better Year To A Better Life when she began running in early 2012. Her first half marathon was ZOOMA Annapolis in 2012 and once she got a taste of the post-race runner’s high she knew she would never turn her back on running. 2013 was a rough running year for Megan due to a soccer induced ACL tear and surgery. She began running again in October and started working part time at a local running store to get back into the DC running community. Along with running, Megan shares healthy and mostly Paleo-friendly recipes in her blog along with her ACL recovery story and high energy circuit work outs. Running, cooking, writing, and being active in the local community have become an essential part of Megan’s life.

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Lindsay Sica HeadshotLindsay is a non-profit professional, grad student and Girls On The Run coach for a local middle school. She ran her first 5K in April 2011, after losing 40 pounds. However, sometimes life (and weight!) has a way of creeping up on us, and she gained the weight back, and stopped exercising. In September 2013, she started running again, and caught the running bug hard.

She blogs at Lindsay Weighs In about her journey to lose 70 pounds, and once at her goal, will keep the weight off for good this time. At age 25, she was watching her life pass her by, and was sick of sitting on the sidelines of her own life, and decided to take back control of her own life. She is running her first half marathon in Spring 2014, and is also planning on running other 5ks and 10ks this year.

Lindsay hopes to prove that even being overweight, you can be a runner. At 230 pounds, she is still out there hitting the pavement. Your mile time doesn’t matter, it’s the fact that you’re out there running. Her blog tagline is “Losing Weight, Gaining Happiness,” something she hopes to inspire her readers to do as well.

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cynthiaheadshotCynthia is a runner, triathlete, and working mom of three little kids living in the DC area. She started running just over 10 years ago as a way to lose weight and be more active, running her first marathon and losing 43 pounds in the process. Since then she has had three babies, run two marathons, several half marathons, and finally completed her dream of doing a triathlon by age 40 (a few weeks after the actual birthday, but close enough!). With a challenging but rewarding job in performing arts management, her work hours are often long and involve weekends, evenings, and travel, and she is constantly walking the tightrope of balance between work, home life, and personal fitness goals. Cynthia can be found behind her laptop in the evenings blogging at You Signed Up For WHAT?!, which is the standard response she gets when she tells friends and coworkers about her latest encounter with the “Register Now!” button.

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melissaheadshotMelissa is a goal oriented registered dietitian and health coach living, working, and running in the Washington, DC metro area. She has made a career as a corporate wellness coach helping others find balance and health in their daily lives. Between 2009 and 2013, she ran 12 half marathons and her goal is run one in all 50 states. Last year, Melissa mentored two friends towards their completion of their first half marathon at ZOOMA Annapolis! Although she was injured and couldn’t run, she enjoyed seeing the pride in their faces as they crossed the finish line. In her spare time she teaches group fitness classes and yoga classes and blogs at Eat on the Run. She loves to cook for friends and family, read everything about health and fitness, and travel.

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sueSue is a busy mom of two young boys, a Pediatric ICU nurse and Air Force veteran and amateur baker who loves baking cupcakes.  She started running almost 20 years ago as a way to stay in shape but within the last two years has really developed a passion for running.  After moving to the DC area and needing running buddies she started the Alexandria/Arlington, VA chapter of Moms RUN This Town which now has over 520 members.   She started her blog This Mama Runs for Cupcakes as a way to stay accountable to her training for her very first marathon and also to keep her family involved in what she was doing.  She completed her very first marathon, Marine Corp Marathon, this year and can’t wait to do her next. She wants to inspire other moms to get moving and also inspire her children to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sue blogs about running, fitness, family and baking!

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erikahheadshotErika first began running to help combat postpartum depression.  What started as a way to find herself quickly became a way of life.  Thirty minutes of running a few days a week led to her first half marathon (ZOOMA Annapolis 2008) and then to her first full marathon at the Marine Corps Marathon in fall of 2008.  She started her blog, MCM Mama Runs, during her marathon training because her husband was tired of hearing about all of her runs.  Erika lives in the Washington, DC metropolitan area with her husband, two sons, a cat, and a leopard gecko. She is currently a little more than halfway through her goal of running a race (and drinking a craft beer) in all 50 states.  She plans to run her first international half marathon in Ireland this year, along with 15 other half marathons, including 5 halfs in 5 days at the Mainly Marathons’ Riverboat Series.

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natalieheadshotNatalie is a paralegal and mommy to two little ones living in Northern Virginia. Natalie started running in January 2011 as a way to lose the rest of the baby weight and get into shape. She finished her first half-marathon in October 2011 and has since completed numerous half-marathons and 10-milers.  In October 2013, she finished her first marathon and is training for her second marathon. She is also an active member of her local Moms Run This Town chapter. She’s met some awesome and very motivating ladies. Natalie runs to keep herself balanced. Her life is a bit hectic but she wouldn’t have it any other way. You can read about Natalie’s running, training and life at This Mommy Runs.

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amberheadshotAn obsessed foodie, Amber started blogging at Fit Foodie Runs, to start her journey to a healthier lifestyle. Two years later, she is attending the Spencer Institute to earn her Certified Holistic Health Coach certificate and teaching others how to adapt to an Eco-friendly, whole-food lifestyle as well. Amber is a stay-at-home mom of two small children and one lucky husband. She started her running journey in 2013 to cross off one of her yearly goals and loved it so much she signed up for four other races that year. Amber’s motto: “Do the best you can do in whatever you’re trying to and never give up. Success is not by Chance it’s by Choice.”

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maryheadshotWith seven marathons under her belt, Mary Lambkin has learned a thing or two about running – and shares her tips and thoughts on her blog, minutes per mile. When she’s not running or hanging out with her DC Road Runners club members, she’s whipping up healthy recipes at home. Mary lives in Arlington, VA and is a freelance writer and editor. She regularly contributes to Active Life DC as a co-editor and has been featured on the New Balance blog, the Washingtonian Well + Being blog, and more.

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colleenheadshotColleen is a marathoner, Olympic distance triathlete in training, Girls On The Run coach, and fitness instructor.  She teaches Kindergarten by day and balances mommyhood, maintaining her blog at Live Free And Run, training and teaching spin class.  Colleen ran cross-country in high school but stopped running in college.  She started running again after having her daughter which began as walking pushing the stroller and then running.    One day she went out for a run and didn’t feel like stopping.  She realized she had run 6 miles and thought, “I could run a half marathon” and signed up that day.  She hasn’t looked back since, completing numerous half marathons, two fulls, and many other distances.  Running has become such a part of her life, that she has found herself eating better, adding in yoga and strength training all to become a better runner!  She loves sharing her insight and helping others discover running and healthier lifestyle.

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marheadshotMar is a longtime higher ed administrator who shares her love of running along with her health and fitness journey at Mar on the Run. She has been running for years as a way to keep fit but caught the racing bug in early 2010 after running her first 10K. Later that spring, her fitness activities were derailed by some health issues but after nearly a year came stronger than ever and determined to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Since then, Mar has run in 13 half marathons and countless 5Ks, 10Ks, 5 and 10 milers. She enjoys volunteering with Girls on the Run and is active in the DC Fitness community. Mar is currently training for her first full marathon in March coinciding with her 40th birthday.

You can find out more about Mar on her Twitter and Facebook page.


alexheadshotAlex is a distance runner residing in the DC area. She was a Boston native who now works full time in marketing and part time at a running store. Blogging at The Run Within, for three years now, she has found a passion for connecting with the community even through her crazy busy schedule. Starting as a soccer playing and ballet dancing kid, she now runs those high mileage weeks at the crack of dawn. People know her as the girl that runs around town, in all weather, in crazy morning hours. No fancy watch, no fancy gear just her and her cotton t-shirt. She runs because she loves it. Running is more than just a sport but a journey that keeps changing paths through each half marathon or 10 mile race she runs. Running to her is more than just a sport, it is a lifestyle and essential part of life.

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Lisa PokornyLisa is a working mother and military wife with a passion for running and cupcakes.  Her blog, Lisa Runs for Cupcakes, originally started as an accountability tool.  Since Lisa rekindled her passion for running after the birth of her daughter in 2010, she has completed 10 half marathons, her first marathon and relay, and several 5k and 10k races.  In her second year representing ZOOMA as an ambassador and third year running the ZOOMA Annapolis half marathon, Lisa has her sights set on tackling the hills and setting a course personal record.

Lisa loves to encourage and inspire her readers to get up, get moving and register for their first race. So, if you are looking for motivation, follow Lisa’s training, races, and love for cupcakes on her blog, www.lisarunsforcupcakes.com.

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erickaaheadshotEricka created her blog, The Sweet Life, three years ago in effort to combine her love of health, fitness and writing. It has opened up many doors of opportunity and encourages her love affair with distance running, as she has connected with tons of other running lovers through this platform. She began distance running in 2008 when she trained for and ran her first marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon. Since then, she’s run 8 marathons, countless halfs, 10ks and 5ks. She divides her fitness time between running and Crossfit, which she says has made her a much stronger, more competent distance runner. Ericka works professionally in social media in Washington, DC and enjoys learning about digital marketing, tech and new innovation in social media. 

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