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Episode 38: Welcome Back and How to Hygge

January 17, 2017

Episode 38: Welcome Back and How to Hygge We’re back for Season 3 of ZOOMALife Radio, talking about the Run Love Challenge, other Zooma News and the Danish concept of hygge, which is defined a way of making essential and …...

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Episode #37: 3 Things (Only!) to Be Healthy

October 25, 2016

Episode #37: 3 Things (Only!) to Be Healthy  Sometimes there can be too much information… And with wellness, we think there is just too much. Here we give you our 3 things (only!) to be healthy. Keep it simple, keep …...

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Episode 36: Training and Sickness

September 27, 2016

Episode 36: Training and Sickness  Brae drops the news that she’s abandoned marathon training, and tells the story about how she made the decision. We also discuss how to know you are too sick to run and how strenuous training …...

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Episode #35: Food Relationships

September 13, 2016

Episode #35: Food Relationships “There is no morality in food,” says Jenn Beasley, ZOOMA Ambassador, running coach, and expert in eating disorders with a  Masters in Counseling Psychology. We talk about women runners and our relationship with food — it’s complicated! …...

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Episode #34: Runner Safety

August 30, 2016

Episode 34: Runner Safety  Staying safe on the run is (unfortunately) a hot topic these days, especially for women runners. In this episode, we talk about how to stay safe while you’re running, with practical tips from Brae and Brooke …...

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Episode 33: Ellen Ector, Fitness Entrepreneur and Inspiration

August 16, 2016

Ellen Ector is the 60-something year old founder of Gymnetics Fitness, a private, Atlanta-based fitness studio. We met Ellen at ZOOMA Annapolis, which she was running with one of her training clients. It’s a little hard to describe what it’s …...

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Episode #32: Summer Running

August 2, 2016

Episode 32: Summer Running  Hot, hot, hot! Summer running is fully upon us, and the going isn’t always easy. We catch up on our summer running and give some tips for making the heat slightly more bearable. We also recap …...

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Episode #31: Summer Fitness Bucket List

June 7, 2016

Episode #31 – Summer Fitness Bucket List  Summer is finally here and has got us jones-ing for some new fitness options. We talk about our summer fitness bucket lists — mostly involving mixing it up and trying to new things. …...

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Epi# 30: How to Run a Successful Half Marathon

May 24, 2016

Episode #30: How to Run a Successful Half Marathon  What do you need to do to run a successful half marathon? We outline the steps to get you from the decision to run all the way to celebrating your post-race victory. Practical advice …...

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Episode #29: All About Athleisure, with Jon Schwartz, Co-Founder of Splits59

May 10, 2016

Episode #29: All About Athleisure, with Jon Schwartz, Co-Founder of Splits59 Yes – your running clothes can be beautiful! From sports bras made from modified jock-straps in the 1970’s to performance apparel inspired by the runway today, it’s never been …...

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