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Treat Your Feet Right

It’s easy to worry about how much your quads or calves will be taxed on race day, but don’t overlook your hardworking dogs; in a half-marathon, your feet hit the ground at least 20,000 times. After all your diligent training, … Continue reading

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How to Stay Motivated Through Training

As you embark on your training journey, sometimes it can be tough to get in the groove. The key is to find ways to pull yourself up when you’re down—and get out the door. Here are few sure-fire ways to … Continue reading

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Don’t Give Up on Rest Days

When you’re training for a race, it’s easy to let enthusiasm propel you out the door to run Or maybe it’s nerves that rev you up; you’re worried you won’t be ready at the starting line if you give … Continue reading

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A Pre-Race Moment of Reflection

Training is almost over, you’re in the middle in the taper, and you’re filled with restless excitement for race day. Which, on one hand, is a great thing: You can stay up to watch Master of None without feeling guilty. … Continue reading

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