We’re excited to introduce to you our 2014 ZOOMA Florida Ambassadors.  This is a select group of ladies who are active, creative, energetic, healthy living and/or running bloggers who have a positive influence both online and in their personal communities.  They all have different running backgrounds, but they’re all passionate about inspiring and motivating other women to empower themselves through running and embrace a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle.  They will help us to keep our runners informed, inspired, and motivated!


Christina HSA spunky individual with a penchant for culinary delights, Christina strives daily to find the balance between enjoying food and staying fit.  In her award-winning blog, Hungry Meets Healthy, she shows readers that if you work hard, you can indulge in your favorite treats.  Her grandfather, who has completed over 100 races, inspired her to start running and it quickly became a passion.  As a lover of both cardio and desserts, her favorite motto is: “I balance running and cookies.”  She has run many 5Ks and finished her first half marathon in January 2012.  Her blog focuses on healthy eating, fitness, and embracing all that Charleston has to offer.  Living in a charming city with such excellent restaurants makes it easy to blog all of her daily adventures.

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Cori HSCori is a marathoner, half Ironman in training, Girls On The Run coach, and a big kid at heart.  She teaches little kids by day and finds herself behind the screen at Olive To Run at night, blogging about her training, fitness, education, and a whole lot of randomness.  Cori grew up playing sports but didn’t start running until 2009 in an effort to regain her fitness.  The first organized race she signed up for was a 10-miler and immediately after crossing the finish line she said “I could do 3.1 more miles.” so she did, and then doubled it for her first full marathon in 2010.  Running has become an essential part of her lifestyle over the years and is also the activity that brought her to her husband… the Popeye to her Olive.

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Jenn HSJenn started running in early 2013 as a way to support her husband, who was beginning a running journey of his own.  She never dreamed she would enjoy it, but she started with Couch to 5K and completed her first 5K race on Memorial Day.  Hooked, she immediately began to fill her race calendar.  Jenn began blogging at Runs With Pugs to document her progress and to offer encouragement to people who were too intimidated to give it a try.  When she isn’t training, Jenn can be found around town in St. Augustine with her husband, their 5-year-old son, and their three pugs.  She loves cooking, photography, travel, and decorating cakes, and is usually seen with a book in her hand.

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Jesica HSJesica is a communications professional, writer, and the blogger behind rUnladylike.  As a runner and triathlete, she’s on a mission to find her extraordinary and inspire others to do the same.  On her blog – appropriately named by combining the words “run” and “unladylike” – she shares her uncensored and sometimes unladylike adventures of what running teachers her about life and what life teacher her about running.  When it comes to fitness, she believe in making her own rules, relentlessly pursuing her best self, rebelling against “I can’t” or “I won’t,” not making excuses, and empowering all of us to be better tomorrow than we were yesterday.  Jesica lives in Atlanta and is currently training for events ranging in distance from a 10K to a half Ironman.  In her day job, she serves as managing director of communications strategy for one of the largest global cancer charities.

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Kristin HSKristin is a 30-something mom to two little ones from Northeast Florida.  She’s married to a great guy (he’s a runner too!) and loves pedicures, college football, dark chocolate, red wine, time with loved ones, and most of all spoiling her babies.  Kristin started running in July 2012 as a way to lose the baby weight and get back in shape so she could keep up with her busy preschooler and toddler.  She finished her first half-marathon in February 2013 and since has completed another half, a 15K, two 10Ks, a handful of 5Ks, and a few family fun runs.  She runs to keep herself sane and is currently training for her first marathon, while balancing the demands of being a wife, a mom, and working full-time in the IT industry.  She doesn’t get much sleep, but wouldn’t have it any other way.  She blogs about running, her family and friends, and life in general at a mom on the run.

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Krissy HSKrissy is the social media obsessed and coffee addicted voice behind shiawaselife – a blog about running, Disney, and enjoying all of life’s adventures. A 7-time marathoner and runner for Oiselle Team, Krissy is beyond excited to join ZOOMA for her 13th half marathon and celebration of her return to the Sunshine State after living in Virginia for three years.

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Meghan HSMeghan started her blog, Little Girl in the Big World, four years ago as a way to hold herself accountable to lose weight.  At the time she hated running and didn’t workout at all, but in March of 2011 she started the Couch to 5K program and was inspired by a colleague to sign up for a half marathon after realizing how much she enjoyed running.  The first time she ran 6 miles she decided that a half marathon was doable and signed up – the 5Ks and 10Ks came later.  Since her first half marathon, Meghan has run 9 more, as well as a full marathon.  She has also recently become interested in triathlons and completed her first sprint and international distance races this past summer.  She’s currently training for a couple more half marathons, a November 70.3 distance triathlon, and a December marathon!  She loves blogging about her fitness journey and hopes to inspire others along the way to realize it just takes motivation and hard work to achieve goals beyond what you ever thought possible.

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Michelle HSMichelle is a busy mom of three, with a full-time job, and a running problem.  She blogs at Crazy Running Legs and never imagined she would describe herself as athletic, let alone a runner.  Since catching the running bug, she has raced three 5Ks, two 10Ks, one 15K, 14 half marathons (including two while pregnant!), and one full marathon.  She is currently training to run a 1:55 (or less) half marathon.  Michelle also loves a good spin class, eating amazing food, and drinking copious amounts of wine.  She blogs for motivation and to inspire others to get moving while living life in moderation.  She runs to keep sane and find that every day balance.

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Presley HSPresley is a 20-something wife, mom, and teacher.  She runs for health, happiness, and her sanity.  Her passion for running began in college and continues to this day.  What began as a quest to lose a few pounds has now become a part of her regular routine.  While she has added a slew of workouts to her list of favorites, her first choice will always be a run with a view.  Presley is living proof that running can be a blast and you don’t have to be ridiculously good at it to enjoy yourself.  She blogs about her workouts, rest days, and all of the food and fun in-between at Run Pretty.

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Rachel HSRachel is a fulltime engineer learning to balance life in the healthiest way possible.  She found her love for running in the beginning of 2011 when she decided to start taking her health seriously.  Later that spring, she ran her very first 5K race and decided that races were the motivation that she needed to keep moving forward.  Since her first race, Rachel has completed a full marathon, more than 10 half marathons, and countless 10Ks and 5Ks.  Rachel has also maintained a 40+ pound weight loss and shares her fitness journey on her blog, Runner’s Tales.  When she isn’t running, Rachel tries to find a balance between work and her personal life that keeps her from going insane.  She also enjoys practicing yoga and working out at the gym.

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