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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Questions

How do I register for a ZOOMA race?
You can register for ZOOMA races online by clicking on the “Register” link on the “Registration” page for your event, or by downloading and mailing in a paper registration form. For efficiency, accuracy, and in an effort to be green, we request that participants utilize the online registration option whenever possible. Sorry, there is no race day registration for any ZOOMA race. 
I cannot participate in the race for which I am registered because I am pregnant/injured/sick/out of the country, etc. Can I get a deferral or refund?
ZOOMA registration fees are nonrefundable.  We have to plan well in advance for certain accommodations for race participants, and therefore cannot offer refunds.  We do not presently offer deferrals for future ZOOMA races. 
How do I transfer by bib number to a friend?
You may only transfer your bib number through our Bib Transfer Procedure – click here for details.
What happens if the weather is bad on race day?
Races will be held rain or shine, unless race officials determine conditions are unsafe.  Visit the ZOOMA website for announcements in case of potentially unsafe race conditions.
My discount code isn’t working. What gives?
Here are a few troubleshooting ideas: 1. Check the expiration date of your code (is the code still valid?); 2. Make sure you are entering NO “spaces” in the coupon field and that you are entering the code EXACTLY as it appears on the promotion you received; 3. Make sure you are entering the code for the race that you are trying to register for.  If these ideas fail, please contact us. Please note that only one code can be used for each registration.
Can I use multiple discount codes?
My discount code did not apply when I registered. Can you refund the discount to my credit card?
No.  Please make sure that your coupon is applied to your total BEFORE you check out as we are unable to issue refunds for discounts.
I registered for a ZOOMA race without a discount code, but now I have a code. Can you refund me the discount?
No.  Sorry about that. Sometimes you are lucky and catch a sale, and sometimes not!  Sign up for the ZOOMA mailing list to ensure you receive promotional emails in the future.
I registered for the race but did not make it to Packet Pickup. Can you mail me my race t-shirt and goodie bag?
If race t-shirts and goodie bags are available after race weekend, we would be happy to send one to you. Please send a check for $20 (shipping & handling) to Premier Sports Productions, PO Box 2115, Matthews, NC  28106. Include your name, date of birth, and race for which you registered. If race t-shirts and goodie bags are available, we will mail your shirt and packet to you. Please make every effort to attend Packet Pickup, even if you are not running in the race, if you want your race t-shirt, as we cannot guarantee the availability of goodie bags and t-shirts after the close of Packet Pickup.
I need to change my race distance. How do I do that?
You can sign into your account. This was activated when you registered. You will need to use the original email address you used when registering. Click on “My Events” from the drop down menu. Find the ZOOMA event and click on “Manage Event”. Find the registration that you would like to change and click “Change Registration”. Select the new category you want and click continue. Note, you will not be refunded the difference in cost for downgrading and you will need to pay the difference in cost when upgrading. For more information, click here.

Packet Pickup Questions

What happens at Packet Pickup?
At Packet Pickup you will receive several items that are important for participating in the race, including your bib number, timing device, participant t-shirt, and swag bag.  You must visit Packet Pickup before the race to collect these important items. 
Which Packet Pickup should I attend?
Check out the Packet Pickup schedule (available on “Race Details or Weekend Details” page), and choose a time and location that is convenient for you.  All packets will be at all locations, so it does not matter which location you choose to pick up your packet.
What will I receive at Packet Pickup?
Here is a list of the items you will pick up at packet pick-up:

  • Bib number & safety pins:  Your bib number is a paper number that you will safety pin on four corners to the front of your shirt on race morning. You can keep your bib number as a souvenir of your participation.
  • Timing tag:  Your timing tag is a small, plastic, white sticker that is attached to the back of your bib.  This timing device includes technology that will allow ZOOMA to calculate the exact time between when you cross the start line to when you cross the finish line (called “net time.”)  Please do not crinkle or fold your bib as this may affect the performance of the timing device. You do not need to return the timing device after you complete the race.
  • T-shirt:  All participants will receive the official ZOOMA race t-shirt.
  • Swag Bag. 
  • Virtual Goodie Bag access: A virtual goodie bag for all non paper items will be available on the website on the first day of packet pick up.
What if I can’t make it to Packet Pickup?
You can have a friend pick up your packet.  You do not need to give your friend any special information or sign any document for her/him to pick up your packet UNLESS they have not signed the waiver form during online registration. The waivers do not get signed when someone else registers for another person. You can log in to your registration through your confirmation email to electronically sign the waiver in advance. If the waiver is not signed upon pick up, the packet will not be released. You can opt to have your packet mailed to you for an additional $20.  If you want your packet to be mailed to you, chose this option during online registration or send a check for $20 to Premier Sports Production PO Box 2115, Matthews, NC 28106.  Be sure to include your name, the race for which you are registered, and birthdate with the check.  We must receive your check before a certain date, depending on the race for which you have registered, usually two weeks before race day. Check the “Race Details” page for your event to find the cut-off date for mailed packets.
Is there a limit to how many packets I can pick up for friends?
There is no number limit, but please alert us in advance if you plan to pick up packets for more than 8 people.
I missed the mailed packet cut off date. Can I please have my packet mailed to me?
We begin creating mailed packets directly after the cut-off date, and therefore cannot accept late requests for mailed packets.  We suggest trying to recruit a friend pick up your packet for you if you are unable to make it to any Packet Pickup location. 
Can I pick up my packet on race morning?
No.  You must pick up your packet at a Packet Pickup location.  ZOOMA staff will not be distributing race packets on race morning. 
I paid to have my packet mailed to me, but I have not yet received it. What gives?
Race packets will be mailed by the week before the race.  If you have not received your packet in the mail by Wednesday before the race, please contact us immediately at 

Race Day Questions

What time should I arrive on race day?
Arrive for the race no later than 1 hour in advance of the race start time.  This will give you plenty of time to find the start line, use the bathroom one last time, and put all your things in a secure location. Find your place behind the start line about 15 minutes before the start. 
Is gear check available?
We offer gear check for all races (except Annapolis). When the start and finish lines are in separate locations, we transport gear check from the start to the finish line. (The police in Annapolis do not allow gear check for security reasons.) 
How do timing and results work?
At packet pick up, all runners will receive a Chronotrack B-tag timing device that will already be attached to the back of your bib number.  Please do not remove this device, as it will allow for your exact finishing time to be calculated.  To ensure accurate timing, make sure that your bib number is visible on your outermost layer of clothing.  Do not crumple or fold your bib or timing device. Results will be available immediately following the race at the After-Party Expo and also online in real time.
How many aid stations will be on course? 
Aid stations, including water, Gatorade and at least one portable toilet, will be located approximately every 1.5 miles on the race course. 
When will results be posted online?
Results are posted in real time on our website. 
Does ZOOMA give awards to race winners?
Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three female overall finishers in the half marathon and 10K/5K. Awards are given out at the awards ceremony at the After-Party Expo. If you are not present to receive your award, contact us and we’ll mail it to you.$100 – 1st Place
$75 – 2nd Place
$50 – 3rd Place Non-cash prizes will be awarded to the top three female finishers in half marathon, 12K, 10K and 5K in the following divisions: the Masters division (age 40 and over), and in the following age groups:  12 – 14; 15 – 19; 20 – 24; 25 – 29; 30 – 34; 35 – 39; 40 -44; 45 – 49; 50 – 54; 55 – 59; 60 – 64; 65 – 69; 70 – 74; 80+. in the half marathon and 10K.What is the course time limit for the half marathon? 3.5 hoursDo you allow inline skates, strollers, or dogs on course? No.

Other Questions

Whom do I contact if my question is not answered here?
Please contact us through the Contact Us page on this website, email us at info at, or ask on our Facebook pageTwitter or and we’ll do our best to respond to your question as soon as possible.
Where can I find the results to past races that are not active anymore?
You can find the results for the Atlanta 2012 race here and the results to the Atlanta 2008 – 2011 races here.
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