As runners and athletes, we tend to spend a lot of our time being active. We love to run, bike, strength train, cross fit, yoga and anything else that keeps us moving.

But how often do we really focus on how we’re fueling our bodies and sustaining our energy levels? And how many of us run and workout just so that we can cheat a little (or alot) when it comes to our daily eating habits?

The Zooma Spring Clean Challenge is a 6-Week Challenge focused on examining exactly how we’re fueling our bodies, minds and running spirits. We’ll take a look at our current eating habits, get an introduction to clean eating and try some great new recipes.

We’ll also do a little spring cleaning of other habits and tendencies that can affect our minds and spirits and bog us down in our daily lives.  And, of course, we’ll stay active with weekly running workouts.

And one of the best parts of the challenge is that you’ll be supported throughout the six weeks by the Zooma community of inspirational and like-minded women through our private Facebook Motivation Group.

The Spring Clean Challenge is not a diet or a meal plan and the focus is not weight loss. Rather, this Challenge is intended to help you create healthy eating and fueling habits so that you can keep running strong and feeling great!

Registration opens 2/22 and the Spring Clean Challenge runs from 3/18 to 4/29.  Enter your email address here for more details!



is a 6-week Challenge from March 18 to April 29th.



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