ZOOMA Summer Challenge 2019 

Training begins June 4 – July 22, 2019

Ready to get fit for summer?


The ZOOMA Summer Challenge was designed to help you expand your workout horizons and experiment with new foods and activities to get you strong for fall race training!

Summer Challenge registration includes:

  • 6-week Workout Plan including a progressive half marathon the last week of the challenge (complete 13.1 miles throughout the final week)
  • 6-week Healthy Food Challenge with recipes and tips
  • Weekly Targeted Challenge where you’ll focus on strengthening one core area like your abs, arms or quads
  • Access to a private Facebook Motivation Group
  • Motivated Mondays featuring weekly videos and emails that will explain each week’s plan and get you motivated
  • Weekly check-ins and prizes from our sponsors!
  • Super cute swag bag delivered to your door including:
    • Summer Challenge tank
    • ZOOMA visor
    • Summer Challenge Half Marathon Medal
  • Upgrade your swag bag for $10 and you’ll receive (limited numbers available):
    • Nuun water bottle + Nuun hydration tablets
    • Bondiband

Package Price:

  • $49 per person from 4/30 – 5/27
  • $59 per person from 5/28 – 6/3

Training begins June 4 – July 22.



Food – Each week you’ll cook (and eat) a meal or snack using the weekly ingredient. We’ll provide you with a food guide and recipes plus fun tips and tricks. If the ingredient is a new one for you, just try anything!  If its one that you already use, you can try a new recipe or learn a new prep tip.

Workout – Each week, do two non-running workouts.  You can select which you do, but you should not have the same combo of workouts on any of the 5 weeks. This will require some advance planning (see STEP ONE – Do your homework!)

Weekly Targeted Challenge – Each week will include a specific targeted area of your body – abs, quads, arms, etc.  The targeted area for that week will have a specific workout that builds over time and helps you strengthen your muscles in that area.   Group support is key for this so we encourage you to log your workout with the Facebook support group once its done.

Running  – You’ll notice that running almost feels like an afterthought in this challenge.  With erratic schedules and difficult weather situations during summer, it’s a great time to strengthen our muscles in other ways besides running.  Each week will include a few short running workouts.

Progressive Half Marathon – In the last week of the challenge, we’ll complete a progressive Half Marathon.  What’s that exactly?  You’ll just need to run a total of 13.1 miles in the last week of the challenge.  You can do this however works for you as long as the distance adds up!  And your swag includes a Half Marathon medal to commemorate your accomplishment!

 *ZOOMA Summer Challenge is a licensed event owned and operated by Be Inspired Events, LLC.



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