We’re excited to introduce to you our 2014 ZOOMA Texas Ambassadors.  This is a select group of ladies who are active, creative, energetic, healthy living and/or running bloggers who have a positive influence both online and in their personal communities.  They all have different running backgrounds, but they’re all passionate about inspiring and motivating other women to empower themselves through running and embrace a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle.  They will help us to keep our runners informed, inspired, and motivated!


Amy GouglerAmy is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Industrial Distribution and the blogger behind A Balancing Act.  It was there that she found her love for health, fitness, and running.  She began teaching group exercise classes her junior year which eventually turned her interest to distance running.  Upon completing her first half marathon in November 2009, she was completely hooked.  Since then, she has run in 13 half marathons and PRed at the ZOOMA Cape Cod half!  She finally conquered her first full marathon in January 2013 and is training for the Houston Marathon in January 2014!  Amy recently changed careers from an office job in Corporate America to follow her dreams pursuing a career in health and fitness.  As a personal trainer and group instructor, she looks forward to spreading her love of fitness and running with others and hopes to encourage her clients to try a race!

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Farrah KabaritiFarrah started running in her city (El Paso, Texas) as a way to lose weight.  She eventually found out how much she loved it and didn’t want to stop even after reaching her goals, she wanted to keep pushing to break each PR.  She loves running with friends and inspiring her community to become healthy.  Currently, Farrah is training for multiple half marathons and her 1st marathon.  To prevent injuries, she has also found a passion for yoga and seeing her daughters practice poses on their own inspires her to keep a regular yoga practice.  You can see her yoga poses and running progress on her blog Fairy Healthy Life.

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Jennifer FisherJennifer is the writer behind  TheFitFork.com, a healthy living blog that encourages readers to take a better bite out of life through delicious, nutritious food and a life-long commitment to fitness. In addition to her blog, she is a healthy-cooking coach, award-winning recipe creator, spokesperson and competitive athlete. As the mom of three teenage boys, she makes it a priority to role model goal setting, putting forth best efforts, and making wise choices in life. This is her third year as a ZOOMA Ambassador and she hopes to encourage women, especially those over 40 years old, to step outside their comfort zones and realize once-unthinkable goals.

Over the years, she has had some amazing experiences thanks to running including racing the Athens marathon, carrying the torch through Austin for the XIX Winter Olympics, running the Boston Marathon, and participating for the last two years in the Hood to Coast Relay — she even won the ZOOMA Half Marathon in Austin last year!  But what Jennifer values even more than all these bucket-list checkmarks is the day-to-day joy and well-being that running brings to her life. You can reach out to Jennifer at jennifer@thefitfork.com, Twitter or Facebook, if you have any questions or comments about the race, running in general, race nutrition or absolutely anything at all!


Kim LeeKim is the blogger behind Hungry Healthy Girl – she started blogging as a way to share and inspire others to make smart choices when it comes to food and fitness.  About 5 years ago, Kim got really involved in fitness, starting with group aerobic classes (like turbo kick) and then added running into her fitness regimen.  In the beginning, she was only able to run for 10 minutes at a time, but as time went on she gradually increased her mileage and speed…  And running became fun!  After turning 30, Kim made a resolution to run a marathon.  The following year she ran a half marathon and began to train for a full marathon, but unfortunately was sidelined by an injury.  In December 2011, Kim ran her first full marathon and says that it was one of the hardest things she has ever done, but so worth it in the end.  In exercise and in life, when something is really tough she thinks, “Okay, I ran 26.2 miles…. I can do this.”  Kim currently is training for another full marathon in December 2013.

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Landi ThompsonWhen she isn’t running (which her husband says is never), Landi is a full-time event planner and a part-time custom cake baker.  She started running 6 years ago with the wild idea of completing a half marathon and along the way, she fell in love with the sport and now can’t imagine life without it.  Running challenges Landi to push her limits and feeds her overwhelming desire to see what else she can accomplish.  She started out as the wheezing girl with asthma who couldn’t run a mile and now has run 6 half marathons, is a runner for the Oiselle Team, and is training for her first full marathon in January 2014.  Not only does running keep Landi healthy, it has brought her out of her quiet shell and has allowed her to meet and make friends with fellow runners.  She has become addicted to the running community and loves to encourage others to go after their dreams.  When not running, you can find Landi reading, on a horse, cooking, traveling, or blogging over at Preserving PollyAnna.  Run Fearless.

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Lisa MoawadLisa started running four years ago as a challenge from friends and she hasn’t stopped since!  She has completed numerous 5Ks, 10Ks, and six half marathons.  She has been a ZOOMA ambassador for the past three years and a mentor for new women runners as they train for and complete their first half marathons the past two years – an experience that she will never forget.  Lisa is chatty, social, and loves to have a good time while she is running.  In her spare time, she mothers three children, works in the Youth and Family department at a the local YMCA, writes for The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans (an online weight loss and healthy living community), and shares her experiences on her blog Growing Up Mo.

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Lora MaysLora started her running career as a way to lose weight in middle school.  Once the weight came off, she kept running and ran her way through high school by participating in cross country and track.  In college, her random roommate also had a love for running, which kept her moving (fun fact: they are still best friends).  In 2006, Lora signed up for her first marathon – the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon – and has been racing ever since!  In the fall of 2013, she will race in her 13th and 14th marathon, but her love doesn’t stop there, she is also a fan of the half marathon distance and can’t wait to get a PR at ZOOMA Texas in April 2014.  You can follow her running adventures on her blog Crazy Running Girl.

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Mallory WhittMallory is an Army wife, art teacher, group fitness instructor, runner, and blogger behind Mal Smiles.  She started running after meeting her super fit husband and adopting a healthier lifestyle in 2010.  Mallory is proof that anyone can be a runner with enough determination, motivation, and cute workout gear.  Since falling in love with running, she has completed a handful of 5Ks, 10Ks, and three half marathons.  Mallory recently relocated to Colorado where she enjoys playing with her dogs, smiling, and sharing it all on Instagram.

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Megan Lyons

Megan is the blogger behind The Lyons’ Share Wellness, where she shares her passion for all things related to nutrition, fitness, and (of course!) running.  Megan began running over 10 years ago, when she started dating her now-husband, who was a collegiate track and cross country runner.  It was a rocky start and she couldn’t even run 0.25 miles on her first attempt, but after a few years of determination, she developed a passion for running, racing, and sharing the joy of healthy living with others.  She has now conquered 5 marathons, 25 half marathons, and about 40 other races!  She believes in eating healthily and living actively (with wiggle room for treats and rest days!), and loves seeing the self-confidence, motivation, friendships, and energy that running brings to people’s lives.  Megan recently left her role as a management consultant to build her own business as a health, wellness, and running coach, and is passionate about helping others achieve their health goals.

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Sarah McCutcheonSarah is the blogger behind How My World Runs.  She’s a 36-year-old who has been married for 17 years, has one daughter, and writes about how she lost weight, started running, and how running turned into something that she loves!  Sarah started running in September 2011 after walking off 30 pounds and ended up running off the last 10 or so – she never thought at her age that she’d have something to be so proud of.  She runs to set an example for her daughter.  She runs for her health.  And she runs to compete against her old self, the out of shape self, to prove that she doesn’t have to be her anymore.  Sarah loves to run, blog, shop, take pictures, and travel.

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Tempie HughesTempie is a stay-at-home wife and the voice behind The Texas Peach, where she talks about all things related to healthy living, from fitness to nutritious recipes.  When she first took up running a few years ago, she couldn’t even run a mile.  Then, in October of 2011 she ran her first 15K and caught the racing bug as a result.  In October of last year, she ran her first half marathon and has since finished two more, plus a 10K.  Tempie enjoys the challenge of a good race and her ultimate goal is to complete a sub-2:00 half marathon.  She believes that life is all about balance and that you should always “Keep the Life in Healthy Living!”

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