How to Level Up Your Goal Setting Game: 5 Habits of Successful Goal Setters + Getters

How to Level Up Your Goal Setting Game: 5 Habits of Successful Goal Setters + Getters

Raise your hand if you’re struggling to stay on track with the goals you set for yourself at the New Year.

You’re not alone. Research shows that 4 out of 5 of us will not achieve our goal and a full one third of us will drop off or slip back to old habits within the first month.

While popular wisdom says new habits take 21 days to set in, according to recent research, 66 days is a more accurate time frame for habits to become automatic.

Want to know their secret? Here are the 5 successful habits of the select few of us who manage to dig in and be successful with goal setting and getting:

Have a Plan. Getting to a new place requires a road map. It’s easier to accomplish great things when we already know the action steps upfront, before setting off on the journey.

(Because we know how important it is to have a plan, in 2019 ZOOMA is releasing free race training plans. Whether you’re looking for a 5K training plan, upping your mileage to a 10K training plan or challenging yourself to a Half Marathon training plan, we’ve got professionally written plans and support to help you along, every step of the way.)

Be Consistent. Humans are creatures of habit. We love our routines. That’s why it’s so important to chip away at your goal on a daily basis. If you want to become a morning runner, then schedule your run immediately following something you already do daily. For example, you might head out right after brushing your teeth (assuming you brush your teeth every morning). Consistently following the same routine from day to day will help those good habits form and become second nature.

Perseverance and Creativity. Inevitably, obstacles will get in your way. That’s why it’s crucial to have Plan B, C and D in place. Successful achievers get discouraged by setbacks like all of us. But instead of giving up, they get creative and find ways to work around them.

Narrow Your Focus. Many of us fail at goal getting because we set a long list of goals that overwhelm us (ahem, ladies, yes we’re talking to you with the never ending over sized to-do list).

Successful goal setters and getters break down their goals into manageable chunks that are meaningful in the here and now. Instead of setting a broad goal like wanting to lose weight, focus first on smaller action steps that help you get there. For example, set a goal around drinking more water (which helps fill you up, give you energy and eventually lose weight) or getting more protein, or moving for 30 minutes a day. When you set goals around creating habits that help you achieve your long-term goal you’ll be more likely to reach your end goals.

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Lean On Community. This can be family, friends, an accountability group or running club. Spending time and sharing experiences with people of like mind goes a long way to keep you motivated and on track. It also helps you be creative when you hit roadblocks. Most likely your support community can help with answers or ideas about a roadblock or challenge you’re facing. This is exactly why the ZOOMA Challenges are so popular – you receive online support from like minded, active and inspiring women.

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