Fitness Hacks to Keep You On Track

Fitness Hacks to Keep You On Track

The holiday season has a way of making the pace of everyday life feel like a whirlwind. When social events, school and work obligations flood your calendar, it’s easy to push your own fitness and self-care to the back burner. Here are some simple fitness hacks that will help you stay on track through this festive yet hectic season.

Stay consistent with workouts by scheduling them in. Put your workout on your calendar, just as you would any other important appointment. You are worth it!

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Get exercise out of the way early. Aim to get your workout in before life and holiday chaos get in the way. Your schedule may be jam packed, but chances are good an early morning time slot is available. While rising early can be challenging, morning workouts energize the body, lift your mood and set you up for a productive day. Try this quick interval workout. No gym equipment needed!

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Image courtesy of Nicole DeBoom 2022.

Treat yourself to new workout clothes. Studies show that what we wear affects our mood, attitude and confidence. Fun new workout clothing can lift our spirits as well as ignite motivation. Whether you’re hitting the gym, the yoga mat or heading out for a run, All-In Hi-Rise Leggings from Skirt Sports are soft and comfy in all the right places. They won’t ride up or slip down, and there are pockets to stash your phone, cash, key, everything! Pair them with the Watch Me Go Top or Eclipse Tank and you're on your way!

Make non-food related activities part of your holiday traditions. Take part in turkey trots, jingle bell runs/walks, enjoy sledding, skating and holiday house walks. Don’t bother hunting for the closest parking spot at the mall. Park far away for more exercise!

Clean up your diet: We all know pretty much WHAT to do, we just don’t always do it. Keep it simple: Drink plenty of water and cut back on empty-calorie junk foods and mindless snacking. It goes a loooong way. Prioritize protein and aim to eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods. Easier said than done sometimes, especially at the holidays, but it gets easier once you build some positive momentum.

Plan ahead when attending parties: If you’re attending a party where you know there will be a temptation, plan ahead of time just how and on what you’ll splurge. Then move away from the food and enjoy the social aspect of the event.

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