Must Haves for Playing Pickleball in 2023

Must Haves for Playing Pickleball in 2023

Whether you’re looking to get into Pickleball this year or are already an experienced player, you’ve come to the right place! Pickleball has steadily increased in popularity over the past few years, and now pickleball tournaments are popping up across the country. With the latest trends and must-haves for playing pickleball, you can be sure that your experience is nothing short of extraordinary. So here’s a look at what you should have on hand if you want to gear up for some serious pickleball playing in 2023!

The Right Shoes

Good shoes are essential when playing Pickleball. Your feet need enough support so that they can sustain a long game. Additionally, you want shoes with grip so you can move around the court without sliding or slipping. Look for shoes specifically designed for pickleball or other court sports such as tennis or squash. They should have good lateral stability and a wider base with a stiff lower structure. This type of shoe will not only help you play a good game, but it will also help prevent common pickleball injuries.

High-Quality Paddles

It’s essential to have paddles that will last through many games, especially if you plan on playing competitively. Look for paddles made with high-quality materials like fiberglass, graphite, or aluminum alloy. These types of paddles will help to provide excellent control and power. You should also make sure the handle fits comfortably in your hand and that it’s lightweight enough, so it doesn’t tire out your arm too quickly.

The Right Clothing

You will definitely want to wear comfortable clothing when playing Pickleball. Clothing that won’t restrict your movement or cause skin irritation due to sweat build-up is crucial. Many pickleball players recommend skorts or shorts because of their breathability and flexibility, but some prefer pants because they feel more secure on the court. No matter which style of athletic clothing you choose, opt for clothes with moisture-wicking properties so that you stay cool during long matches. Here are our outfit recommendations to keep you comfortable, cool, and looking cute on the court:

black pickleball skort

  • Triumph Skirt: Get ready to make a statement! Our newest addition to the Skirt Sports line is the Triumph Skort, a sassy and shorter sister of our beloved Jaguar Skirt. We have combined designer craftsmanship with personality -- our high-performance, moisture-wicking fabric perfect rise skirt provides you with ultimate comfort and flair. For added confidence during your pickleball match, each skort features four-and-a-half-inch chafe-free gripper-lined shorts with convertible ball pockets on both sides of your thighs. But that's not all that makes Triumph special! Pleated side and back panels adorn each skirt - so you can take it from the gym straight to the victory celebration!

navy pickleball skort

  • Jaguar Skirt: You no longer have to compromise on performance, comfort, and cuteness when you wear the exceptional Jaguar Skirt. Crafted with that same wonderful high-performance fabric and perfect rise skirt shape for superior comfort, this workout skort provides all-day wearability. Thanks to its 6” chafe-free shorties with convertible ball pockets, you will also enjoy extra coverage and peace of mind while on the court. And for a touch of added glamor, we have incorporated pleated side and back panels – elevating your look from workouts to afterparty with ease.

shorts for pickleball

  • Redemption Shorties: Reinventing the meaning of an activewear staple, the Redemption Shorties truly have it all. They are designed with a choice of 4”, 6", or 8” inseam that will keep you comfortable on the court, and all lengths have a mid-rise continuous drawcord waist to ensure these shorts remain in place as you stretch for the perfect shot. And as an added bonus, they have double pockets on the thighs that can fit everything you need when hitting the court - from your phone to energy gels or extra wiffle balls. Whether worn on their own or under something else, the Redemption Shorties will surely boost your confidence in style and performance.

best top for pickleball

  • Eclipse Tank: If you want to play a few games but don't want it to look like you just did, this is the tank for you! The Eclipse Tank has the features we love on the court: wicking fabric and wide shoulder straps that keep us comfortable and supported. On top of that, its A-line silhouette gives an elegant finish so that no one will be able to tell that you just broke a sweat. So no matter what time of day you're hitting the court, this piece has got you covered!

sports bra for pickleball

  • All In Long Bra: If you're looking for a bra that is just as functional as it is fashionable, this one takes the cake! With its lightweight,quick-drying fabric and double straps, this bra provides excellent support while looking fabulous and keeping you comfortable. Not only that, but the lovely v-neck drops to a flattering spot and gives you the perfect amount of coverage, so you don't need to wear an extra layer over it if you don't want to. When it comes to a few games of pickleball, this bra certainly checks all the boxes!

For both beginners starting out and experienced players looking for an upgrade, the right gear is essential when it comes to having an enjoyable experience playing Pickleball in 2023! From the right shoes and paddles to the most comfortable, functional clothing - these components combined can make all the difference in how much fun (and success) you have on the courts! So pick up your must-haves today and start enjoying this growing sport!

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