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Training Tip: Overstriding

ZOOMA Run Club's Coach Carola is here with more details on improving your running form! Last time she talked about proper running form including where your foot should land in relation to your body, but stride can be confusing. Overstriding is when your foot lands and loads IN FRONT of your body while running. This action acts as a "brake" and can put excess pressure and force on your knees, ankles, and hips.⁠

Many common running injuries are caused or can be aggravated by overstriding so it is definitely something we want to be aware of.

Are Overstriding and Heel Striking the same thing?

For many, many years we have heard a lot about heel striking and how bad it is. Recent science has proven otherwise.

Heel striking IS NOT "BAD" and has been proven to carry no more increased risk of injury as compared to landing midfoot.

Overstriding, however, IS bad. Almost every runner that overstrides will also heel strike, BUT not all heel strikers overstride. Heel striking itself doesn't need to be changed as long as your foot is landing in the proper place in relation to your body.

Common causes of overstriding may include:

👉Too-low cadence for your pace & mechanics

👉Inadequate forward lean, leaning back, or hinging forward at the hip⁠

👉Poor hip mobility/hip extension⁠

👉Insufficient core & glute strength⁠

👉or a combination of the above⁠

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