What's A Skort? Why You Need One in 2022

What's A Skort? Why You Need One in 2022

Cute fitness Skirt or Shorts?? No need to choose when you wear the on-trend Athletic Skort.

*skort noun \ ˈskȯrt \
Definition of skort : a pair of shorts made to resemble a skirt (as with an overlapping front panel)

Female fitness lovers rejoice! If you’re not already a believer, the Skort just may be the answer to your search for the comfortable, no-chafe experience of a skirt – and the practical coverage of shorts. When you choose a beautiful, top-quality Skort from Skirt Sports, you’ll be all set for your summer exercise routine – and anywhere the day takes you! If you’re busy enjoying tennis, golf, running, walking or zipping around town this summer, a Skort is for you! Read on and find out why.

(P.S. Fitness aside, Skorts are also perfect for meeting friends for coffee, doing busy Mom stuff, picking up dinner, getting the kids to school, and even doing your taxes. Heck, a Skort works for everything!)

two girls in athletic clothing

What’s so great about a Skort?

Well, in short (pun intended), a Women’s Fitness Skort provides the best of both worlds – when the issue is skirt vs. shorts. Of course, many women who love exercise and active lifestyles love the freedom of movement a skirt can provide. And like many things in life (and apparel), there can be a downside or two. A main complaint is chafing during active workouts and a lack of comfortable coverage.

When it comes to a pair of shorts, users enjoy the simplicity of this option. But active movement may be restricted in many cases. That does not help you win that tennis match when you can’t easily leap across the court! But a Skort from Skirt Sports provides the perfect hybrid of all the best features of skirts and shorts! No need to choose when you have a beautiful, well-made Skort. Also, Skorts have a cuteness factor you won’t get with those old shorts. Really like shorts and want something different? Check these out!

Built-In Shorties!

An awesome Skort is designed with a soft, breathable, chafe-free “shortie” underneath. Carefully crafted for durability and exceptional comfort, this built-in shortie eliminates the dreaded chafing and helps even the most modest athlete move freely without worry!

Beautiful, On-Trend Patterns that Reflect Your Style

As the athleisure market has developed and grown immensely in the last few years – women have learned one thing in particular. Figure-friendly, functional athletic apparel does not have to be dowdy and boring as in days past. Absolutely not! You’ll make a fashion statement in no time when you visit Skirt Sports online. Your biggest challenge will be making your choices from our huge selection of skorts, shorties, tops, leggings (some with attached skirts), athletic bras, and much more!

pocket on skort

So Many Skort Features and Carefully-Designed Details

When you find the right Skort for you, you’ll know it! Don’t settle for less than options with carefully-crafted details and features busy women want. Skirt Sports proudly offers the very best with these Skort features – in numerous styles and patterns! We’ve listened to our customers and have what they want!

  • Skort Fabric:

    • Skirt: Aero Light Jersey - Polyester/Spandex blend with wicking

    • Shorties: Luxe Compression - Nylon/Spandex blend

  • Medium Length Skirt: 16" front, 16.5" back

  • Built-in Shorties: 7" inseam

  • Two pockets, one on each leg, under the skirt

  • CONVERTIBLE TENNIS BALL POCKETS! Skirt Sports Skorts feature thigh pockets that are useful for a phone, sunscreen, etc. A separate lightweight, supportive fabric layer is attached to the outside of the pocket with elastic closure along the bottom opening to hold tennis balls, golf balls, dog treats and more! WOW!

  • Continuous drawcord does not come out in the wash.

Ready to Up Your Fitness Wear Game this Summer?

If you’re not already a fan of a fitness Skort, you will be the minute you step into the right one. No matter your style, color, or print preferences, you’ll find durable, well-crafted, expertly designed Skorts and much more at SkirtSports.com. Check us out!

*Definition courtesy of Merriam-Webster.

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