Episode 10: Behind the Skirt

Episode 10: Behind the Skirt

From the outside, beautiful, great-fitting women's active apparel suddenly appear on an energetic, inclusive website. It's like magic - or is it?

For 15 years, Skirt Sports was owned and operated by Nicole and her team. In September 2020, ownership was passed to Sarah who has experience running a women's event business but no experience making women's apparel from the ground up. Fortunately she is surrounded by much of the same team that was on board prior to the baton pass, and even more fortunately, Sarah has all the qualities needed to take the baton and run with it. Including and maybe most importantly, the 4th takeaway - an ability to ruthlessly prioritize.

Today S & N talk about some of the important details that go into creating a successful clothing line. There is so much more than you see on the surface. And with Sarah's introduction to the business, it's refreshing to start on the ground level again.

1) You'll never be right, but you can get close.
2) You are not alone, but you have to put yourself out there first.
3) It's all about the details.
4) Ruthless Prioritization is the key to survival!

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