Episode 14: You Ask We Answer

Episode 14: You Ask We Answer

We're taking questions! From YOU! In our first installment of
You Ask We Answer," we cover the following questions:
  1. Race shirts 101: Do you wear it before you finish the race? Do you wear a race shirt for a race you didn't do?
  2. To virtual race or not to virtual race - I'm not loving virtual races but feeling bad about that!
  3. How do I fit in fitness when I’m managing my family?
  4. Do you have tips for letting go of the day’s stress?
  5. I’d love some ideas for healthy, easy to make food for busy women.

Takeaway: There are no bad questions, only the regret of not asking! Please email us at info@skirtsports.com, hit us on social media with q's or post them on podcast episode pages!

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