Episode 44: Introducing the Yoga Pants Podcast!

Episode 44: Introducing the Yoga Pants Podcast!

Introducing the Yoga Pants Podcast: Inspiration for Women Who Workout

We're back! With a new name and an even more candid format.

The truth is - we were asked to change our name by another organization with the same name. We took it as a sign that we needed to mix things up. So we took the summer off and came back swinging.

Welcome to The Yoga Pants Podcast!

Today we talk all things NAME, because when you change something as big as your name, it's not a small ask.

We share why we chose The Yoga Pants Podcast, the beauty of change, and the brilliance behind the power of SEO 💪

Tune in weekly-ish to hear us riff on the topic of the moment. Now grab those yoga pants, get out there and get busy living your best life. See you next time!

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