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Episode 58: Just Because Your Body Breaks Doesn't Mean You Are Broken

Welcome back to a great episode about bodies, minds, aging & perspective. We - Nicole & Sarah - are of an age where our bodies have displayed signs of the wear and tear we put ourselves through in our earlier decades. These issues have caused not only physical pain, but emotional pain as well. Today we explore what happens when our bodies stop doing what we want them to do - and how it affects our headspace as well.

We talk about:

  • When you break, you can come back stronger
  • How to shift our identities when they are so wrapped up in "what we do" and not "who we are."
  • Perspective is key
  • When you can't fix yourself on your own - and need to turn to medicine & more
  • We even mention female fitness icon (and so much more), Jane Fonda, and her philosophy on fitness in her 80s.

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Tune in weekly-ish to hear us riff on the topic of the moment. Now grab those yoga pants, get out there and get busy living your best life. See you next time!

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