Episode 47: The Best Skirts & Skorts for Tennis & Pickleball

Episode 47: The Best Skirts & Skorts for Tennis & Pickleball

Hot on the tails of our Best Leggings in the World episode, we bring you some fun banter about our favorite court sports. Tennis has always been a Skirt Sport, but pickleball, while first created in the 60s is suddenly on fire and you must get the best gear to help you slam that tennis/badminton/ping-pong ball like a pro.

In this episode, we talk about the power of wearing products that were actually made for the game you play, and highlight the features we love about the court-specific styles Skirt Sports offers. Namely the POCKETS. The dual (both thighs), convertible (upper and lower pockets on the same pocket!), deftly hidden pockets that do exactly what you need to play with confidence.

Yes, this episode is pretty product-centric, but don't be fooled, we always sprinkle in some personal stories of triumph and tragedy as we go!

Styles we recommend for tennis and pickleball:

Triumph Skort "Everything about this skort is a triumph," says Sarah 😎

Jaguar Skirt "Is it the Jag-WHAR or the Jag-YOU-are skirt," asks Nicole

Lotta Breeze Capri Skirt "Yes you have a pocket for your balls while playing in capris!"

Eclipse Tank "Very forgiving around the midsection" agrees everyone everywhere

All In Long Bra "Most Comfortable Bra on the Planet" (future episode - not kidding)

Time to get yourself some new skirts and skorts!

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Tune in weekly-ish to hear us riff on the topic of the moment. Now grab those yoga pants, get out there and get busy living your best life. See you next time!

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