ZOOMA Women's Race Series
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celebrate every finish line

Imagine a powerful sea of women on the move – encouraging fellow runners, creating unforgettable moments, getting strong, and celebrating personal running triumphs in beautiful locations. Imagine a post-race party where you’ll celebrate your run with your crew, relax and be pampered with massages, yoga, and champagne. 

This is ZOOMA. 


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What an amazing race! Women empowering women, beautiful scenic views and the swag and medals were my favorite from any race I’ve done. I cannot WAIT to run ZOOMA again!
— ZOOMA Runner






Each race destination is set in a gorgeous location and often with sweeping views of the nearest ocean, lake or cape.


ZOOMA race weekends are a full itinerary of fun events with races, expos, parties and sunrise yoga.


Celebrate your finish line with an ocean, lake or riverfront Post-Race party with a celebratory drink, food, massage, yoga, shopping and music!


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zooma is more than a race

we are the #zoomanation


We believe it’s incredibly important to support each other’s goals, dreams and aspirations. The ZOOMA community is made up of all types of women who seek to achieve athletic and personal goals and support each other while doing so. ZOOMA race weekends are always filled with fun and incredible support and we’ll be there with you every step of the way - through your training, before race day and after race day.

every woman is celebrated

We believe that every start line and every finish line is a triumph. Every woman has her story and her struggle and when you start a ZOOMA race you’ll be celebrated the entire way. Every woman, whether you’re fast, slow or in between, is honored, cheered for and pampered.

created for women by women

ZOOMA races are created for women by women. We are a small team of female event planners and athletes who are passionate about delivering top notch races for women like you. Runner amenities and swag are designed exclusively with women in mind and weekend activities and events are planned to appeal to you, the female athlete.