back to school challenge | sept 9 - oct 4

it’s as easy as a-b-c


the details


The ZOOMA Back to School Challenge will shake things up and keep you motivated with 26 days of strength training exercises based on the A-B-C’s.

back to school Challenge registration includes:

  • 26 Day Workout Plan

    • Workout plan will be based on the ABCs (see further explanation below)

    • Plus you’ll complete a “Mid-Term” 5K and “Final Exam” 10K

  • Facebook Motivation Group

  • Super cute swag bag 

  • Swag bag includes super soft and comfy lightweight hoodie, jump rope, exercise resistance band and Back to School Challenge medal.

  • Upgrade your swag bag and get a matching gym bag for $20!

The ZOOMA Challenges are so motivating! I love the group support and I always learn something new.

package price

  • $49 from 7/15 – 8/20

  • $59 from 8/21 – 9/8

  • First 50 to register also receive a FREE Nuun water bottle!



the challenge


So what IS the Back to School Challenge?

  • For 26 days, you’ll participate with the challenge group to complete a fun, daily workout based on the alphabet.

  • For example, Day 1 will be A where you’ll complete an exercise that starts with A (like an ab rollout or airplane pose)

  • Day 2 will be B (like bicycle crunches or bicep curls or burpees)

  • Day 3 will be C (like curtsy lunges) and so on

  • Workouts will focus on strength training exercises you can complete at home plus some running workouts worked in as well.

  • Plus you’ll complete a “Mid-Term” 5K and “Final Exam” 10K. These exams are “open book” and can be completed over multiple days if needed!

  • We’ll help keep you motivated and injury free and have a ton of fun!



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