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zooma spring challenge | March 25 - june 2

run happy spring challenge

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Did you know it actually takes 66 days for a new habit to become automatic?This is backed by science and research (and also explains a lot of habit forming fails).

In our latest blog post 5 Habits of Successful Goal Setters + Getters we explore why some of us are more successful in crushing their goals than others.  You may notice in this article that having a plan and a support team are key – which is exactly why our ZOOMA Challenges are so important.  We provide you with the tools to be successful!

So, what is the Run Happy Spring Challenge?

Here’s what we’ve noticed. As runners, we LOVE to run.  We love to talk about running, plan our running, plan our races, plan what to eat after the run and then, oh yeah, run.

We don’t always love to get in our cross training.  Or our proper hydration or nutrition.

We were reading an article called 10 Essential Strength Training Exercises for Runners and thought – what if we had a challenge where we could really integrate the things that are important to runners long-term?  And actually make them a habit?

So, in this challenge, for 66 days we’ll be working on the behaviors (cross training, hydration, etc) that will help keep you running STRONG + HAPPY for many years to come.  And we really hope that over 66 days we’ll actually make those behaviors a habit!

The RUN HAPPY Spring Challenge registration includes:

  • 66 day Run Happy Spring Challenge Running + Cross Training Plan

  • Weekly content including specific action items, videos, Q&A sessions and motivation from our coaches

  • Access to the private Facebook Motivation Group

  • SUPER CUTE swag including RAINBOW medal + tech running tank + cinch bag.

One of the best parts of the challenge is that you’ll be supported throughout the nine weeks by the ZOOMA community of inspirational and like-minded women through our private Facebook Motivation Group.

The Spring Challenge really helped me focus on those areas of running that don’t come easily to me.

package price

  • $49 until 3/1

  • $59 on or after 3/1

  • $89 for Spring+Summer Challenge before 3/1




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